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Serving his sentence in a non-metahuman prison, luck smiled upon Dr. Cochin when a battle between two metahumans passed just over the prison and into the range of his duplication powers. Cochin was then able to use these powers to break out of prison, proceeding to build himself a new suit capable of storing duplicated powers for longer periods of time.  
Ready to resume his old school mission of establishing world dominance, enslaving metahumans for constant duplication, and a little survival-of-the-fittest style purging of the masses, Paragon sought out a highly powerful being whose powers he could use to accomplish his goals. Craving a little good, old-fashioned revenge for his year in prison on the side, naturally, Paragon locked onto Superman's power signature and attacked Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.  
After a brief battle and plenty of back-and-forth, eventually Paragon ends up aiding Superman in defeating a trio of hostile Daxamite high priests and their "weapon", an extremely powerful and large Golem-like creature of Daxam lore. The priests show up demanding Superman turn over the heretic Lar Gand (aka Mon-El, who is a suspended condition in the Phantom Zone in order to halt his lead poisoning) to them and immediately attack him once he refuses. Paragon was at first delighted to watch Superman take on three Daxamites (also empowered by Earth's yellow sun just as Kryptonians are) even offering to help, but Paragon comes to Superman's aid once one of the priests violently dismisses him as an "inferior" being. The battle ends once Superman lets slip the Daxamites' extreme vulnerability to lead and Paragon proceeds to acquire a machine gun, shooting each of the Daxamites in the back.  
Retreating to their ship, the Daxamites release a powerful Golem to punish Superman, Paragon, and Earth in general for their noncompliance and trangressions against their persons. After failing to match the creature in brute strength, Superman convinces Paragon to try to duplicate the Golem's powers. Risking his life and suffering through great pain, Paragon, through the duplication of the Golem's powers, somewhat fuses with the creature. Paragon is then able to affect the Golem's formerly impenetrable skin, making it permeable enough for Superman to enter its body and destroy its nucleus/brain/power source effectively ending the creature. The destruction of the behemoth has left Superman in an extremely weakened state, but instead of taking advantage, Paragon leaves, stating essentially that defeating Superman now would be meaningless.

Powers and Abilites

As Paragon, Cochin is capable of duplicating and magnifying "to the next level" all the capabilities and powers (physical and mental) of an individual. There are only two real limitations to Paragon's power. One is that he can only duplicate an individual's power for a limited amount of time. Paragon's new suit however, upon his reemergence from prison, does allow him to "store" an individual's powers for much longer. The other limitation is that he is only capable of duplicating and magnifying the abilities of organic beings as Paragon was unable to copy the abilities of Red Tornado or the Green Lantern ring.   

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