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    A powerful cosmic enemy of the Flash who blames him for creating a paradox in which changed him. Paradox has come back to Central City to exact his revenge and eliminate the Flash and the Flash family.

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    The man know as Paradox was a normal citizen of central city named Chris. He had a wife and two kids and he was smart enough to discover than his reality was part of a bigger multiverse. After investigating how that worked, he was trapped in the paradoxical effect of a fight of Flash and the future version of the man known as the Turtle. As an after effect of that battle, he along with several other witnesses of the fight were banished to a limbo outside time and space. Along with his companions, Paradox built a machine than would permit them return to their world. However as time passed in that reality, they changed into inhuman forms. Then Paradox betrayed the other survivors because the machine needed the energy of the other people to work.

    Paradox returned to the his universe, but he was detained by the Renegades from the Century 25. However he was capable of freeing himself to get his revenge on the person who has made more damage to the timestream: Barry Allen.

    Major Story Arcs

    Year One

    The Flash Age


    After coming into contact with Speed Force energy Paradox's mind and body were altered to become more attuned with the multiverse.

    • Cosmic Awareness: Paradox is capable of seeing the multiverse and is aware of all the changes to reality that have ever happened. He is also able to sense if anyone is travelling throughout the timestream.
    • Dimensional Travel: Paradox is capable of traveling to other realms at will and can shift others through dimensions along with him.
      • Telepathy: Paradox was able to telepathically communicate with Godspeed, while in a separate dimension
    • Temporal Energy Absorption: Paradox can absorb "Crisis" energy in order to power himself, which is temporal energy created by alterations in the timeline. The more paradoxes he creates and absorbs causes him to grow in strength.
      • Disintegration: Paradox can use his temporal energy to disintegrate others and erase them from existence, creating a paradox that allows him to absorb more energy.
      • Energy Projection: Paradox can release powerful blasts of energy.
      • Reality Alteration: After releasing a massive amount of temporal energy, Paradox began to erase the timestream itself.
    • Illusion Casting: Paradox can use his powers to project illusions from his hands.
    • Electrokinesis: After Paradox had absorbed enough temporal energy, his powers merged with the Speed Force. This allowed him to manipulate Speed Force energy to his will.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Size Alteration

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