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Paradise Omega was created by the Goddess at the beginning of the Infinity Crusade with the Cosmic Cubes she had collected. It is a beautiful world but has no life except plants. It was created to house her and the Cosmic Egg in the center. It was also the base of operations for the Holy Guard. It was located on the opposite side of Earth, circling the sun, making it the second Counter Earth.

She created a massive cathedral on the planet for the Holy Guard. In this cathedral were the most advanced communication equipment and telepotation stations.

Paradise Omega was protected by several massive defense systems manned by the Holy Guard. The planet has one moon, but it was destroyed by the Silver Surfer. The planet is located in Earth's star system.

Earth's remaining heroes advanced on Paradise Omega to foil the plot of the Goddess to control the universe. The battle between the Holy Guard and Earth's heroes was great, but in the end the Goddess was defeated.

The planet was destroyed when Thanos set the Cosmic Egg to explode.

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