Character » Paradigm appears in 29 issues.

    A Chinese boy with technopathic powers that was merged with the T-O Virus.

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    Origin and history

    Years ago, the Chinese government began to experiment with the Techno-Organic Virus to try and gain an advantage making super-soldiers. A boy with the mutant power to interact with machines was taken and infected with the Transmode Virus to see the reaction. He became a perfected Phalanx-Human mix, allowing him to cover people with the techno-virus and to control their minds. The being called himself Paradigm, and escaped from his prison in China.

    New Hellions

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    Years later, he became allied with King Bedlam the brother of Bedlam of X-Force. As part of a plot to reawaken Armageddon Man, King Bedlam had Paradigm coat X-Force in his virus, putting them under his control. However, Jesse Bedlam wasn't covered in the techno-matter and freed his teammates using his powers to disrupt Paradigm's technopathic impulses. After King Bedlams team was beaten, Paradigm told his friends that he was going to try to evolve into a higher being and left for places unknown.


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    It is not known if Paradigm died prior to the mutant decimation at the hands of the Scarlet Witch , but he was one of the few to retain his mutant X-Gene. Nonetheless, Paradigm turned up dead after being used by the mysterious geneticist who had been plaguing the Astonishing X-Men team with biologically merged X-Men villains and deceased mutants. The scientist had been harvesting dead mutants' X-Genes after acquiring outlines of the Beast's experiments as he tried to solve the mutant M-Day (see Endangered Species).

    Powers and abilities

    Paradigm was a mutant who had been implanted with the Techno-Organic Virus. His mutant abilities allowed him technokinesis, or the ability to interface and control machinery. His exposure to the virus enabled him abilities of the Phalanx race, including complete control of his physical form, absorption of matter, and infect the virus on others, completely controlling their mind in the process.


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