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    Member of the Secret Six.

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    In a rare but not unheard of occurrence, a Parademon realized some measure of individuality and fled to Earth to have his freedom. This one had killed many warriors of the New Gods and carried with him ten Mother Boxes as trophies. They would not open Boom Tubes for him but would comply with some other requests.

    This unnamed Parademon was drafted by Mockingbird, secretly Lex Luthor, into the Secret Six as agents against the newly founded Secret Society of Super-Villains. Blackmail was necessary to get Parademon's compliance, so Mockingbird held over his head the threat of giving Granny Goodness his location. He served the Secret Six loyally and developed a strange and protective rapport with Ragdoll, who he referred to always as "Clown." His upbringing on Apokolips left him with a warped perception of reality. He found terrible things amusing and beautiful things unpleasant. When the Secret Six were captured by the Secret Society, he enjoyed his torture at the hands of the Crime Doctor as it was like the old days with Granny Goodness.


    In a surprising move, this Parademon chose to sacrifice his own life when the Secret Six were cornered in their own base by an army of other super villains. He set his ten Mother Boxes to self-destruct to give the others the opportunity to get away. Ragdoll found his dying body, burned and with three of his limbs blown off. He asked Ragdoll to tell him a joke, but Ragdoll once again insisted he was not a clown nor was he funny. But he did comment on the fact that the Parademon was about to die without ever having had a name or a home. The Parademon laughed and told Ragdoll that he was funny before dying.


    The Parademon was created by Gail Simone.

    Major Story Arcs

    Villains United

    Parademon joined the Secret Six in Villains United after being recruited by Mockingbird, secretly Lex Luthor. He originally refused to join but Luthor blackmailed him by saying that he would tell Granny Goodness he was on Earth. Parademon decided to sacrifice himself in order to save Ragdoll and the rest of the Secret Six when they were cornered in their own base by an army of super villains. He sent his ten Mother Boxes to self-destruct to give the other members an opportunity to get away.

    Secret Six - Reptile Brain

    During the Secret Six story arc Reptile Brain, Ragdoll attempts to save Parademon by using the Get Out Of Hell Free Card Scandal Savage secretly kept after the events of Secret Six: Depths.

    Powers & Abilities

    This Parademon has all of the same abilities of most of the others. This includes slight super strength.

    Weaponry -

    Parademons have very advanced technology, they make use of advanced weaponry such as the guns or batons they use.

    They also have glider-rockets for flying.

    This Parademon had 10 mother boxes on him opposed to most which have none.


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