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    One of Spider-Man's new Brand New Day villains, she has the power to flatten herself to the size of paper, as well as those she attacks. She is also has chameleon-like abilities, able to blend into any sort of scenery. She is obsessed with actor Bobby Carr.

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    Piper's powers first manifested when she fell into her father's dimensional compressor machine, causing her parents to freak out. Piper's only escape was watching Bobby Carr movies. One night as she was watching a Titanic style movie, she believed that he spoke to her through her television by way of a character named Piper and said they were meant to be together. Since then, she has been doing everything in her power to protect Bobby's dignity in an effort to have him be with her. She has even gone so far as to killing a waitress who was bringing a frivolous lawsuit against him. She also targeted a Paparazzo who had an altercation with the actor, but was stopped by the intervention of Spider Man. She then killed Carr's publicist for secretly tipping off the DB as to Carr's whereabouts. She then went after Mary Jane for dating Bobby Carr.  However Spider-Man would arrive just in time to stop her from killing Mary Jane.


    Paperdoll was created by writer Dan Slott and artist Marcos Martin. Slott wanted to create a super villain whose motivation wasn't merely money, revenge, or world domination. Thus, Paperdoll became the illogical and extreme culmination of obsessive fandom. Slott cited his own position as both a fan and a professional writer as an example, stating: "We've all been bitten by the fan bug and, I think, one of the hardest parts about working on this side of the fence is trying to keep that in check and act like a 'professional'. Sometimes it's scary, when the fan part of you pops out."

    Marcos Martin initially had trouble conveying the character's powers visually. Due to her volume-less face, which eliminates the possibility of employing shadows, Martin also struggled to make her seem sinister and creepy. Eventually though, Martin found the tools necessary to properly draw the character by taking inspiration for visual design from different Alexander McQueen dresses and conceptual inspiration from Japanese horror films like 'The Grudge'.

    Powers and Abilities

    Her Obsession
    Her Obsession
    Paperdoll possesses the power to flatten her body width to paper thinness, essentially making herself two dimensional. She also has the power to cover a person completely and drain them of all bodily fluids and organs, leaving them as flat as she is. The extent of this effect is enough to be lethal however victims only partially flatted may recover. When Paperdoll does this, she also temporarily becomes three-dimensional again. In her flat state, she has hands capable of turning into razor thin sharp buzz-saw-like blades sufficient to cut through Spider-Mans webs, which are stronger than steel. She also possesses the chameleon-like ability to blend in with any surface.  
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 5' 10" 
    Weight: 130 lbs 
    Eyes: Yellow 
    Hair: Black 

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