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The strongest and most technically proficient of the Thundercats, Panthro is the martial artist of the team, as well as the engineer/mechanic.

Panthro is the inventor and driver of the mighty Thundertank. Even though Panthro is a methodical thinker, he suffers from a short temper and often finds himself in the thick of a battle/argument without due consideration.

Panthro's choice of weapon are his clawed fighting sticks (nunchaku) which he uses with expert skill, and has altered to house many sneaky weapons inside.

Anointment trials

Lion-O had to challenge Panthro in a trial of strength in one of the anointment trials.

2011 Series


In the new series it starts out without Panthro. He is just told that while off looking for the Book of Omens with Grune, he was defeated in battle. When Thundera became under attack, Mumm-Ra disguised himself as a fake Panthro and entered the city. Panthro was officially introduced in the series when the Thundercats team (Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara and the Thunderkittens) was under attack by the lizard army. Panthro debuted with his beloved Thundertank and started destroying most of the army in the army. Panthro at first did not trust Lion-O and thought of him as a rookie and he would slip up quite often, but he eventually came to respect the young Lord. It was revealed that during his travel to find the Book of Omens, Panthro was betrayed by his long time partner and best friend Grune to serve Mumm-Ra and gain more power. Panthro spent a long time in the desert trying to survive. Panthro lost both of his arms as a sacrifice for shoving Grune into the Astral Plane. Panthro acquires new, robotic arms thanks to the Berbils.

Panthro and the cats lost the tech stone to Mumm-Ra and were betrayed by Pumyra. But thanks to Kit and Kat he was there to see all the help Lion-O has acquired by helping people.

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