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    The Pantheon is a centuries old team of superheroes whose job is the preemptively preventing of international catastrophes and global threats. Their headquarters is called the Mount which is a self-contained community hidden in the desert of Nevada.

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    Agamemnon, the immortal offspring of human and an Asgardian god founded the Pantheon. The Pantheon was built over hundreds of years with its membership coming from Agamemnon’s own super-powered children. Agamemnon came to an agreement with an alien empire known as the Troyjan. In exchange for knowledge of genetic engineering that would allow the descendants of Agamemnon to maintain the superpowers derived from Agamemnon’s Asgardian heritage. In return for this information, Agamemnon agreed to give the Troyjan one of his descendants. Over time, the organization grew world wide with more than a dozen super powered beings and a human staff in the thousands.


    The Pantheon was created by Peter David and Dale Keown in 1990 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk


    The Pantheon existed in the shadows for centuries, with little known of the organization until the modern age. What is known, is that Agamemnon used his precognitions to determine when critical event were going to occur and would send teams out to insure the events came out in the manner that he preferred, usually under the mask of being what was best for humanity. His followers had little information about Agamemnon’s true motives as he did not meet with them in person, but rather only appeared as a hologram in the form of a wizened sage, thus hiding from the rest of the Pantheon his true form, which was that of a sixteen-year-old boy. This isolation caused Agamemnon to go on “walk about” every fifty years or so in order to keep in touch with humanity. It was after one of these “walk abouts” that Agamemnon moved the headquarters of the Pantheon to the Nevada desert in the early 1950’s, founding the “Mount”. It is believed that during this time Agamemnon started the “Warzone Project”, a project so secret that it was hidden from the other members of the Pantheon.

    In 1990 Agamemnon began preparing to go on “walk about”, so he had to choose an interim leader for the Pantheon. Agamemnon sent Prometheus to recruit the Hulk to act as the temporary leader.

    Major Story Arcs

    Troyjan War

    As a result of the agreement made between Agamemnon and the Troyjan Empire, in which Agamemnon learned the methods to extend the lives and increase the powers of both himself and his descendants, the prince of the Troyjan Empire, Trauma, decided he would take Atalanta as his bride. Trauma kidnapped Atalanta and transported her off to the Troyjan home world. The Hulk immediately mounts a rescue party to retrieve Atalanta, tracking down the Trauma using the uncanny tracking ability of Prometheus. Eventually the Pantheon along with the Silver Surfer found Trauma, but were captured. They were brought before the Troyjan King, Lord Armageddon, where they were informed of Agamemnon’s duplicity. The Pantheon members were imprisoned to await the impending wedding. A rescue party of consisting of the Starjammers, Silver Surfer and remaining members of Pantheon arrived and battle ensued, where Trauma was mortally wounded. His last request was that Atalanta and the Pantheon be released.

    Myth Conceptions

    After the Troyjan War, the members of Pantheon determined that Agamemnon needed to stand trial for the heinous agreement he made with the Troyjans. After tracking Agamemnon to Boston, he was returned to the Mount to be held accountable for his actions. Agamemnon admits to his actions, as well as admitting to having a member of Pantheon assassinated. He then tells everyone that they had no right to judge him, as he was the superior to the entire team. At that point Agamemnon unleashed his most heinous deception of all, the “Warzone Project”. The project involved taking the bodies of all the dead former members of the Pantheon from all time and cybernetically enhancing and animating the bodies, forming the legion of the Endless Knights, a hideous army of cyborg-zombies under Agamemnon’s control. The Mount is evacuated and battle ensues. During the course of battle Banner looses control of the Hulk and reverts to his savage persona and Atalanta kills Agamemnon. After the battle, the Hulk is removed as team leader and banished from the Pantheon.


    All the members of Agamemnon’s bloodline have superior strength and some from of a healing factor as well a having an extended life span. Each individual also has an additional power.


    The invulnerable member of Pantheon whose only weakness is that gamma radiation completely negates his invulnerability.


    The Father of the Pantheon. An immortal half Asgardian, who stopped aging at sixteen, whose genius and strategy created the Pantheon organization.


    The mentally handicapped strong man, who is forced to wear an armor shell to prevent his super dense body from snapping his own spine under its own weight.


    A precognitive.


    Pantheon’s archer fires psychically controlled energy bolts from her energy bow.


    Cassiopea absorbs energy and can project the energy in the form of concussive blasts.


    A precognitive whose visions helped guide the plans of the Pantheon.


    Flail wielding super warrior, who was one of the first openly gay heroes in the Marvel universe.


    The gamma irradiated superhero that was chosen by Agamemnon to lead the Pantheon in his absence even though he was not from the bloodline of Agamemnon. During his time with the Pantheon, the Hulk had the intelligence and mind of Doctor Banner, while having the strength of the Hulk.


    Jason is an expert in firearms.


    An empath who used his powers to gain control of the Pantheon after Agamemnon’s death.


    An energy spear wielding former member of Pantheon who became an innkeeper. Father of Cassiopea.


    Chain smoking tracker of the Pantheon, who was born with a horribly disfigured face.


    There were two “Ulysses” on the Pantheon team; the first was assassinated under orders of Agamemnon during the recruitment of Paris. Both Ulysses wielded an energy sword and shield.


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