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    Volume » Published by Lone Star Press. Started in 1998.

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    The Heroes have won. All the old villains were defeated and the good guys have gone into retirement. Well, not all of them...seems some have bigger plans now that they don't have to stop bank robberies and world annihilation schemes everyday. Plans such as taking over the world. Taking over the world? That's not such a nice thing for heroes to do! It's up to The Freedom Machine and allies to band back together and make sure this doesn't happen!

    There are three parts to most tales, and this is the end! The story skips the first two parts (beginning and middle) and goes straight to the "good stuff". Follow the lives of the Pantheon characters as they fight in one last epic struggle (oh yea, lots of people die!).

    Pantheon is a 13 issue limited series written by Bill Willingham. It features painted covers, the interior art is black and white. The story itself is similar to DC's Kingdom Come story.

    Collected in a trade paperback in 2008, but it only collects the first six issues:


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