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After a young blond girl survived a plane crash in Africa, she was found by natives who decided to raise her, but they were scared away by a lion. The lion didn't hurt the girl, he instead raised the girl and when she had grown into a womanhood, took her as his mate. From that union, Panthea was born, half-human and half-lion. The woman taught her language and the lion taught her to hunt. One day the lion accidentally killed the mother in a squabble over an antelope and had to raise the girl alone.


Panthea was created by Trina Robbins who wrote and draw her in 1974. Panthea's first appearance was in Comix Book #1.

Mayor Story Arcs

A rich woman searched for Panthea, in the jungle in hopes to find pleasure with her. One day Panthea got curious and came to her, but was trapped by that woman. The woman's guide, Mongo released Panthea and she started to trust him, but he only wanted to sell her for 500000 dollars. Mongo took Panthea to Morocco, where an older German man took notice of her skill to talk native African tongues. The German man wanted Panthea to talk to the native girls he sells, to make them trust him more. But Panthea revealed herself to be a half-beast to him and killed the German man. After that Mongo brought Panthea to a hotel, and went to see the man who wanted to buy her for his harem of extraordinary women. Panthea however followed Mongo and overheard him and the buyer talking. Panthea decided to leave, and took Mongo's plane-ticket to San Francisco. Again Panthea was noticed and followed, once she took a taxi from the airport she was driven to Mother Night, who wanted to protect her from Mann Unkind who was also after Panthea. But Mother Night was unable to protect Panthea, and Mann Unkind imprisoned Panthea, with intention to sacrifice her on one of his concerts. Mongo had also caught up with Panthea and informed Mother Night where she is. They interrupted Mann Unkind's show by releasing a tiger, in the chaos Panthea escaped with the gang.


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