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    She's an ancient Egyptian cursed to live forever by the gods because of a killing spree she went on in ancient times. She's a friend of Vampirella.

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    Her name was once Sekhmet, and she was high priestess to Ra and worshiped as minor deity. Ra had given her ability to change into a panther. When famine and drought wrecked the land, she killed many people: women, men and children alike. She told herself that it was in the name of Ra, but bloodlust got a hold of her and she even killed and devoured her own son. Then Ra condemned her to walk the world forever, never to know home or peace.

    Major Story Arcs


    Danse Macabre


    When demons attack Danse Macabre base, Pantha is accidentally released from the vat she was kept in. She kills all the demons she can see and jumps out of the skylight.

    The Furies

    Time passes and she ends up in Gotham city, where she represents herself as a private investigator. She makes several cat-themed break-ins to find out to whom the items are fenced. She is confronted by Vampirella and Catwoman.

    Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Next she is seen on a killing spree, where she hunts scientists from Danse Macabre who experimented on her. Vampirella intervenes and is able to convince Pantha that revenge is their way, not hers.


    When Vampirella refused to kill a baby, she set in motion a vampire apocalypse. Pantha comes to warn her of that. To gain their trust, she tells them of her bloody past. After that, she reveals that portal is built on Times Square and asks for Vampirella’s help. There they find the gate to Drakulon and Von Kreist, who offers to help them to save the world. Von Kreist opens the portal and goes in with Vampirella. When Vampirella returns, she understands that she was used to get the gate open. Pantha, Dixie and Scarlet Legion join Vampirella and go back to Drakulon to close the gate and to kill Nyx. During a fight there, Pantha saves a baby from Von Kreist's hands. She and Dixie then escape through the gate to Earth, and Vampirella is left behind.

    Year of The Cat

    Dr. Midwinter starts to unfold his plan, and he needs Pantha’s scarab necklace to do it. Apparently he has met Pantha in Egypt in 1939, where he tried to steal the scarab for Hitler. He lost his hand and the scarab to Pantha, but gained immortality. At the same time, Midwinter’s men try to capture Pantha on the street, but are killed quickly. Pantha goes to Zoo, where her sanctum is, but is attacked by Midwinter’s men again. She confronts the zoo keeper about his betrayal, but finds him dead. Then she is shot with a tranquilizer dart. Pantha is brought to Midwinter himself, who takes her scarab necklace, but to his surprise, the necklace is a bomb; the real one was mailed to Dixie in America. Pantha escapes when the bomb goes off, thinking that Midwinter is dead.

    Femme Fatale & Venus in Furs

    While Pantha is away, Dixie is tricked into using the scarab necklace to open a gateway to hell. Returned to America, Pantha is tracking down Mamba and the leads point her to Hollywood, where she finds Mamba disguised as Marilyn Monroe. She fights through Mamba's minions and discovers that Dixie is one of them. In the struggle, Mamba manages to transport Pantha into the scarab amulet, but she soon breaks out of it, killing Mamba in the process.

    Hellfire Hounds & Hour of The Wolf

    Soon, Pantha finds herself hunting Nazis again. She foils their sacrifice, and finds herself surrounded with dog-men. The dogs try to steal the necklace, but it is then revealed that only women can touch it. Having beaten the canines, she rescues the girl bound to the altar, but is betrayed; the girl snatches her necklace and tosses it to one of the men. That man is Midwinter, who immediately uses the necklace to stun Pantha.

    The Revenge


    Waking up, Pantha finds herself bound to the wall. Midwinter then reveals her the plan to offer her soul to Lady Death. Lady Death expects Vampirella to come to Pantha’s rescue and she does exactly that. During the fight with Lady Death, Vampirella is mortally wounded and her spirit travels back in time to 1969.

    Death Valley

    It is 1969 where Pantha had forgotten who she is. She worked as an actor then and liked to party. While fighting with Nazi bikers, she finds out who she really is and helps Vampirella get back into the right timeline. Vampirella uses the Spear of Destiny to set Pantha free. Lady Death, seeing that Midwinter is not in control anymore, joins forces with Pantha and Vampirella. Together, they kill the immortal Midwinter.


    Some time later, Pantha is in Vegas working as an assistant in magic show, a where woman is turned into a panther. She gets an invitation to speak with Lenny the Tongueman. Tongueman warns her of danger heading their way. The danger is Nazi supersoldiers, werewolves. She goes and fights the wolfmen. She is able to kill one, but three others escape. Pantha chases them and gets into a fight with two of them. Then Tongueman arrives and tells that it’s not her they’re after, but the woman who delivered his message. They search for her and find her dead. Pantha then finds and kills the last werewolf.


    One time, a teenaged girl used an old spell to summon Pantha. Pantha was not pleased with her and insulted her in many ways, until she learned the reason for her summoning. The girl's stepfather raped her for years, and she couldn't take it. After that, Pantha was happy to rip the stepfather apart. The downside for her summoning however was, that there was no one to blame for the corpse but the girl, after Pantha left again.

    Pantha was last seen when Vampirella stopped her from killing some agents, who investigated paranormal activity in the area. She seems to have contracted some weird virus and is quarantined in Circus, a secret government agency, holding cell.



    Pantha was living in Yukatan Peninsula while she noticed that Red Sonja appeared in the area. After a short tussle between Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dracula, Pantha showed her human form as well. A group was formed to stop Kulan Gath from destroying the world. Eva, Re-Animator and later Athena also joined them. Kulan Gath released Mayan gods, and each hero got one. Athena used her magic along with the Necronomicon to send the heroes after the gods. Pantha fought Imazotz in Africa continent. After every group had defeated their enemies, they regrouped and attacked Kulan Gath again. Pantha assisted others to destroy to undead that had been awoken, while Red Sonja went after Kulan Gath himself. They eventually stopped the Prophecy.


    Pantha Investigated kidnapping case in New Mexico. During her stake out she noticed one girl who looked like one of her worshipers back in Ancient Egypt. After saving the girl, she met with newly resurrected Mamba. Pendragon interfered with her fight with Mamba and teleported her away. They boarded an alien ship where Lilith was and she revealed that Pantha is to play integral part in the war between order and chaos. Her part had something to do with the girl she saw earlier, Mayra. Lilith sent her to her, but she found Mamba and the Blood Red Queen of Hearts already there. She fought them but was defeated, and Red Queen took over Mayra's body. Then arrived Set. Set wanted Pantha to remember her Sekhmet days, but Pantha refused to join him. Pantha and Mamba joined forces briefly to foil Set's plans. But they betrayed each other right afterwards. Pantha stabbed Mamba and pushed her into the portal that summoned the Mad God Chaos to close it.

    Dark Shadows

    Pantha is working in a strip club Kitty Kat. Vampirella visits her one day along with Barnabas Collins. Pantha already knows that Vampirella needs help again and offers to join her. They are also joined by Barnabas' werewolf friend Quentin Collins. After dispatching a group of vampires who follow Elizabeth Bathory, they find a clue to Apollo's Retreat. They travel there and again Pantha pairs with Quentin. Pantha gets a bit rowdy and she starts kissing Quentin, but Jack the Ripper arrives and tranquilizes them. Bathory made Pantha and Quentin turn against their will, and sicked them on her human captives. Vampirella managed to get through to Pantha and she regained her senses, and aided in Bathory's defeat.

    Hell On Earth

    Pantha met old vampire by the name of Varney, who tried to release "The Great Winged Mother" from her imprisonment to breed more bat creatures.

    Powers And Abilities

    She can turn into panther or half-panther. She possesses a scarab of Atum-Ra that protects her (only women can touch it). The scarab also has power to open doorways to other worlds.


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