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    Panini Comics is the comic publishing division of the Italian based Panini Group. They publish both original and reprinted US material all over the world, especially in Europe and South America.

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    Note: This page describes the Panini company generally as it applies to all divisions but this specific page is only credited to the works of the original Italian Panini publisher, for international branches and their respective credits, see the list below.


    Panini Comics is a subsidiary of the Italian Panini Group, they acquired the Marvel UK licence in 1995 and gained the rights to translate Marvel comics in multiple languages including Italian, French and German. Panini Comics also publishes translated DC Comics (along with many of the DC's imprints), the Doctor Who Magazine, and manga from Japan for the European market.

    Some of Panini's comics are printed at an increased A4 size, Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spiderman are two such examples, and they print many of the larger story lines in trade paperback form. Panini Comics reprints many of the long lasting marvel franchises in monthly 76 page comics that have been know to combine multiple comics in each issue, these comics have limited advertising and cost around £3 per issue. Panini also offers a line of Collector's Edition versions of their Marvel reprints that feature the same cover as the normal Panini comic with some of the art cropped out to include a standardized art frame around the comic and a Collector's Edition emblem over the barcode.

    Panini creates it's own comics and characters such as Rat-Man however these very rarely see any international release.

    Divisions Include:

    Marvel UK was not the only non-U.S. Marvel division to be absorbed by Panini Comics; Marvel France, Marvel Italia and Marvel Deutschland were all brought into the fold over time. The Planet Manga division of Panini is not locked to any specific region and its emblem has been used by many of the Panini regional divisions but for some reason the emblem/branding is not always present with Panini manga.

    As of 2006 Panini became the primary holder of the Marvel Comics license in Europe and parts of Latin America, with this expansion of rights Panini started developing original comic strips and stories starring Marvel characters, some of these comics have since been reprinted and released in the United States (Wolverine: Saudade and Daredevil & Captain America: Dead On Arrival).


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