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    "Home of The Private Eye digital comicbook by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente and Universe! by Albert Monteys."

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    Panel Syndicate is a unique pay-what-you-want and DRM-free digital comic platform created by artist Marcos Martín and writer Brian K. Vaughan on which they publish creator owned books with no set price. Buyers can purchase each issue and bundle for whatever price they would like to pay and the payment goes directly to the author's Paypal account.

    All comics books are published in English, most of them are also translated and offered in Spanish and occasionally even in Catalan, Portuguese, and French.


    Note: "TWD: The Alien" was the first ever TWD comic books story not written by creator Robert Kirkman. In exchange, Vaughan & Martín let Image Comics published a hardcover edition collecting "The Private Eye". In 2020, "The Alien" was re-released as a hardcover edition by Image Comics as well.


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