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    Pandora is the mysterious figure who appeared at the end of Flashpoint when then the DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm universes merged into one. She later appeared throughout the DC Universe, seemingly observing all the characters.

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    Pandora is a DC comics character based on the mythical figure of Pandora. Her origin follows the myth but also had alterations: after she opened the infamous Pandora's box to release tragedy, torment, torture and the terrors of man, she was later declared to be, alongside with the Phantom Stranger, and The Question, as one of the Trinity of Sin. The Wizard along with the Circle of Eternity sentenced Pandora to an eternity of loneliness, pain and being told she was evil. She spent centuries in shame and isolation, only to return to break her curse.


    Pandora was created by Flashpoint writer Geoff Johns. She was first drawn by Flashpoint artist Andy Kubert, but was designed by Jim Lee.

    Major Story Arcs

    Merging of the World's

    Watching the world
    Watching the world

    During Flashpoint, when Barry Allen travels through time in order to try and correct the timeline, he ends up in a space of time where he sees three distinct timelines, each representing the DC, Wildstorm and Vertigo (not including creator owned properties) universes. He's met by Pandora, an entity of unknown origins or powers, who tells him that long ago, the three worlds were split in order to weaken them for the impending arrival of an unknown evil force. In order to combat it, the three timelines had to be merged into one. When all is said and done, and Barry fixes time, he wakes up at his desk. The three timelines have all been merged into one Universe, which came to be known as the "DCnU" or the "New 52 Universe" amongst fans.

    Despite sweeping changes to the universe, none of it's characters remembered the universe prior to the changes, going about their lives as the current status quo was always present. Following these changes to the universe, DC Comics relaunched their entire line with 52 #1 issues. Pandora appeared in all of these issues (as well as the second issue of Batman) seemingly observing and watching all of the heroes.

    Interfering with the World

    Pandora revealed
    Pandora revealed

    In the present day DC Universe, Pandora comes across a dead body which she begins to investigate, until the Phantom Stranger interrupts her. Phantom Stranger reveals that he is aware of what Pandora has done to the universe, and while she thinks she may have strengthened it, he tells her she has only cursed it, as she once did before. He continues to state that a group called the Circle of Eternity had made it clear that people like them were cursed to watch the world that they've sown, never getting involved, but Pandora remains defiant, dismissing the Stranger's warning believing the Circle to had been destroyed. Stranger informs her that someone from the Circle who he refers to as "The Third Sinner" is still walking the world, but unlike her, does not interfere with the human world.

    Assuming she's in possession of the box, Stranger attempts to take it away from her, leading her to attack, and shoot him in the head, knowing full well that she can't kill him, only cause him pain. Pandora leaves, telling Stranger that she will find and imprison someone called "The Strange," as it will free her of her curse, and she will recieve help from the Justice League, whether they like it or not.

    Searching for The Box

    Searching for her box, Pandora sets out for various secret locations that hold the world's most dangerous items. She first searches through The Red Room, run by S.T.A.R. Labs, but fails to find her box. She would eventually find the box in A.R.G.U.S.' Black Room, where various mystical items were in holding. Though she alerts Steve Trevor and the rest of A.R.G.U.S. to her presence, she manages to get away with her box. When she attempts to reopen the box, she is unable. Suddenly, The Wizard appears, weakened by the awakening of Black Adam, and apologizes for the Council's judgment on her, claiming it to be foolish and unfair, whereas the other two of the Trinity of Sin deserved their punishment.

    The Wizard tells Pandora that she can not recapture what has already been released, but the box still contains a great power that only the strongest, or darkest of heart can open the box to find. Without telling her who specifically he means, the Wizard fades away before Pandora can receive any answers. With no possible leads, Pandora seeks out the Phantom Stranger to see if he could be of any use to her.

    Frozen Time/Astral warfare with Stranger
    Frozen Time/Astral warfare with Stranger

    The Stranger turns out to be less than pleased to see her, when she confronts him near his family, who he's built in order to have some resemblance of a normal life. With The Stranger refusing to help her, Pandora threatens to reveal his true identity before she leaves. But Pandora is not done with the Stranger, as she follows him to Nanda Parbat, where he confronts John Constantine about an upcoming war "among the three."


    Pandora is running from an unseen pursuer. She turns toward her assailant and is obliterated. A blood spatter remains where Pandora once stood.

    Powers and Abilities

    Pandora + Flash combine 3 multiverses (Vertigo/Wildstorm/DC)
    Pandora + Flash combine 3 multiverses (Vertigo/Wildstorm/DC)

    Though little has been revealed about the being known as Pandora, it is reasonable to assume that she has a knowledge which extends beyond the realm of single universes. As well she can seemingly travel long distances and potentially even among dimensions.

    Magic: As part of the Trinity of Sin, she has been endowed with power from the nexus of magic and has ability beyond nearly every Magician in DC. In base, Pandora:

    • Uses magic to shift a seafloor (amazes Constantine)
    • Uses magic to lift and seal part of a mountain
    • Bullets hurt Shazam/blows hand off of Vandal Savage (2 Seperate fights with the latter)
    • Able to break enchantments from John Constantine/Nick Necro, even with both having prep
    • Her blade decapitates the sons of Trigon
    • Bullets effect the Immortal Phantom Stranger
    • Blades hurt Zariel/causes Spectre great pain
    • Kills the Concept/Abstract of Envy (Bullets)

    Immortality: She cannot die by normal means such as age, disease or starvation. Even wounds seem to have no effect on her, she has been shown getting shot straight through her head & heart without effect.

    Omni-lingual: She knows every language used by mankind.

    Martial Arts and Weapons Expert: She has spent thousands of years mastering a wide variety of fighting styles.

    Mysticism: She has studied under ancient wizards, healers and druids learning how to make an ally of nature as well as the binding of spirits and more. She can also strike through the veil that separates the living and the spirits beyond.

    Blitzes Lord of Vampires
    Blitzes Lord of Vampires

    Enhanced Speed: She has stated that she is "faster then thought" and have been shown to catch an arrow mid-flight as well as blitz bullet-timers Andrew Bennet/Vandal Savage with her speed

    Invisibility: Has the ability to "Vanish from sight".

    Superform 1
    Superform 1

    Superarmors: Over the course of her journey, Pandora acquired new magical forms that increased her Magical output countless times over. Her feats in the armors include:

    • (Golden) Matching & beating Blight, a fight that her peers didn't stand a chance against. Outperformed: Zariel + Phantom Stranger + Nightmare Nurse + John Constantine + Swamp thing & Sea King.
    • (Golden) Overloading a magical system that none of her Peers could. Everyone present: Zantanna + John Constatine + Enchantress + Blue Devil + Papa midnite + Shade the changing man + Blackbriar Thorn + Black Orchid + Cassandra Craft + Zariel & the rest of JLD
    • (Reflective) Blinds and resists an Elder God from an unseen Dark Universe. This Universe had minimal influence from the Presence's according to Phantom Stranger, and the minions drew strength from the Sins of the Trinity themselves.

    Despite her Superforms being Magical Juggernaut's, they are average against normal attacks. Intense glass canon with only slight durability buffs granted by the armor


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