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Leona Dorsey suffers from an incurable disease but geneticist believes the genetic properties of a leopard will give Leona's immune system a fighting chance. The geneticist expresses the irony that a leopard who was once the Terror of Panara, will now be used to save someone's life. Dexter is confused by the reference but geneticist explains that in 1910, a male leopard killed over 400 people in Panara, a small province in India.

The formula is complete and the geneticist heads to the room where Ms. Dorsey is waiting for her injection. The injection apparently had adverse effects on Ms. Dorsey despite the geneticist's efforts to refine Langstrom's formula. Within moments, they are taken by surprise as the freed leopard lunges at the both of them and Catwoman rushes into next room in order to give the leopard some space while she eats.

Catwoman tries to consult Ms. Dorsey as she shivers on the medical table. Selina is unable to see Ms. Dorsey because she is quivering underneath a few blankets. Selina tells Ms. Dorsey that she knows Bruce Wayne personally and she is confident that Wayne Enterprises' latest medical advancements could cure her with no money down. Unfortunately, Ms. Dorsey's humanity was lost to the formula and now there is only Panara, the Terror of Gotham. Catwoman is shocked by Ms. Dorsey's transformation and Panara's animalistic instincts compel her to attack Selina. Selina tries her best to avoid Panara but the creature proves to be a formidable opponent.

Just as Selina was about to be torn to shreds, the freed leopard crashes into the room. The leopard lunges at Panara and both creatures fall out of a nearby window. Panara and the leopard fall into the watery canal that ran across from the loft. Selina looks for any sign of Panara or the leopard but neither of them was ever seen again. Selina makes her way into the lab to grab her gear and the Egyptian coins while trying to avoid the mutilated carcasses of the geneticist and Dexter.

Major Story Arcs

Batman vs. Wildcat

As for Panara, her body is sucked into an aqueduct. The flow of the current carries Panara to a sewer system underneath Gotham. Unfortunately for Panara, the sewer system is being renovated by Lock-Up and his employer Ernie Chubb. Lock-Up stuns Panara with his tazer billy club before she could regain consciousness and Chubb decides that Panara would make a fine addition to his arena...The Secret Ring. She was freed when Wildcat and Batman shut the underground arena down.


Months later she was hanging with Tezcatlipoca, and attacked people in a park. They were stopped by Robin and Blue Beetle.


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