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    Pan was once the evil overlord of Neverland.

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    young Jacob Wiles
    young Jacob Wiles

    Jacob is born in England in very early 20th century. His mother Penelope discovers that her husband Phillip is a satanist. Immediately she fears for her son's life and flees the country aboard the Titanic. During the trip to America, Jacob bonds with another boy named Daniel, who guards him against agents of his father. In America, Jacob's young brother is born, Vincent. To make ends meet, Penelope trades her body for money.

    The two brothers become close friends with Daniel, who one day tells them of a magical place. Daniel knows of a portal in New York and regularly takes Jacob and Vincent to Neverland. Upon returning one day from Neverland, Jacob encounters a man who claims to be a friend of his father. Five days later, Jacob discovers that the portal to Neverland is gone and his mind snaps. Returning home, he kills the man who regularly visits his mother. Fearing Jacob has inherited his father's madness, she tries to kill him. Jacob uses his powers for the first time, stopping his mother from killing him. He flees with his younger brother Vincent and is found the next morning in an alley by Daniel. Daniel takes them to his father's friend who trains Jacob in the use of his special powers. Jacob is favored by his father's friend. Jealous, Daniel lashes out and kills Vincent. After Vincent is buried, Jacob becomes very bitter.

    Years later, Jacob has somehow found his way into Neverland and has renamed himself Pan. Serving under captain Arcos, Pan tricks the captain to reveal the hiding place of his treasures. By feeding Arcos to Croc, he becomes the owner of the treasures and gains the paid 'loyalty' of the crew.

    It is probably around this time that Pan strikes a deal with the Dark One to corrupt or destroy Neverland.

    Major Story Arcs

    Ruler of Neverland

    One of the first acts Pan does as a general of the Dark One, is dethroning Barr as ruler of Neverland. The precise circumstances have not yet been revealed, but Barr saw Pan's ambition when Barr first met Pan. Seeing him as a threat, Barr locks Pan up in his prison. Somehow, Pan escapes his prison and dethrones Barr.

    Pan gathers allies like Tinker Belle and Nob around him and keeps Croc as a guardian of his castle. He regularly visits Earth with the help of Tinker Belle and abducts Earth children to feed of their energy. When he is advised to find a queen, he abducts Wendy Darling's nephews John and Michael to lure her to Neverland to make her his queen. Wendy indeed comes back to Neverland, but brings Nathan Cross with her. Together with Tiger Lily, Wendy and Nathan free John and Michael and fight Pan. A jealous and heartbroken Tinker Belle takes revenge on Pan by magically transporting him and Nathan Cross to Earth, where Pan is less powerfull. During their battle Nathan and Pan fall into deep water. While Nathan resurfaces, Pan does not.

    Serving the Dream Eater

    Later, Pan resurfaces in the sewers beneath New York City, feeding off the energy of vagrants. Talking to himself, he encounters a water nymph, who claims to know a way back to Neverland. She takes him to Esmeralda who sets him on the trail of the Dream Eater. Finally finding the Dream Eater, Pan offers him his service. In their ultimate battle against the forces of Myst, the Dream Eater turns on Pan and kills him.


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