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Object & Location

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Palace of the High Ones is both an object and a location. As an object, it unifies and enhances the spiritual-link that permeates through all elves. It has the potential to become a space-craft and transport the elves anywhere throughout space.

But it is also a location, mysterious and forgotten. In the Original ElfQuest, it was inevitably the end-locale of th3 Wolfriders' pilgrimage.

Racial Memory

Lord Voll is a child of The High-Ones, who led his tribe of Gliders into the caves of Blue Mountain in order to maintain the sacred lore of his parents. His passions are intricately woven into the Palace of the High Ones and its original enlightened culture. It is he who awakens Cutter to the reality of his ancestry and in his goal of Tribal Reunification. The Palace is a constant and unfailing source of invigoration, remembrance, revelation, and home for all the elves.

After the events in volume 3 (Kings of the Broken Wheel), a miniature of the palace was crafted from its "starstuff" and gifted to Savah and the SunFolk...


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