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For the Elves of the World of Two Moons, "The Palace feeds the hunger that has no voice, in all of us!" This is according to Cutter Kinseeker, the eleventh Wolfrider chief

The Palace of the High ones, in Wendy Pini's elfquest was originally a spaceship Cosmic Egg that brough The High-Ones of extra-planetary origin to the world of two moons. Descending to the planet and hoping to make peaceful contact, the craft morphed to take on its familiar palace-like form.
In spite of having its outer-appearance conform to the perception of the evolutionary inhabitants, the elemental make-up of this structure is infused with the potency of transfigurative mind. It is both the Beacon and the Reservoir of the elf-tribes, degenerate beings descended from the original High Ones.

Original ElfQuest

The pilgrimage towards the Palace for Lord Voll, the Go-Backs, Cutter, Savah, Rayek, & Suntop is the main theme of Wendy Pini's original elfQuest. The dream of Tribal Reunification is held secure by the psychic presence of the Palace on their world. The Troll-King Guttlekraw is also the descendent of the escaped dwellers of this place, and devotes his tyrannical tenure to hiding and impeding the elves' quest to discover their celestial inheritance.

Time & Space

With the completion of ElfQuest: Shards, Tribal Reunification of the elves becomes total. The living and the departed elves for one moment co-exist within the vestige of the Palace of the High Ones, and we may witness the ultimate potency of this craft. Rayek becomes its pilot, and navigates this vessel to the transcendence of both Time and Space. Richard Pini, who published the saga through Warp Graphics, continued to enhance the types of benefits that elves gain in the midst of the palace, not the least of which is perfected thought-link to the total elf-specie.


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