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The Painting is an infinitely-layered painting which contains whole universes, as well as consisting of all painting techniques. it is able to absorb anyone or anything which is near it when it is activated by contradiction or absurdity. The painting is a reproduction of the original work by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi, which was destroyed in 1814. This duplicate painting was created by Icelandic artist Max Bordenghast, who created it using ancient shamanic techniques. Bordenghast was driven mad after its creation, and the painting vanished for some time, during which others attempted, but failed, to duplicate it. It surfaced in 1923, and was taken by the Nazis in 1940, before passing into the hands of Horst Eismann, who stored the painting in his observatory in the Alps. It remained there until it was stolen by the Brotherhood of Dada, who used it to entrap all of Paris. This awakened the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, who had long been buried in the painting. It was destroyed on the Dada level, and the painting itself was shredded, but still habitable. It remained the home of most of the Brotherhood of Dada until it was destroyed by government agents during Mr Nobody's run for president.

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