Character » Painkiller appears in 6 issues.

    Enemy of Black Lightning, defeated and his where abouts is unkown.

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    Killing Machine sent to kill Black Lightning and almost succeeds, but is defeated in the end and is quite ruthless. Painkiller was hired by a gang to eliminate Black Lightning and frame a series of police officers by setting up a fake crack-house as to entrap Black Lightning to entrap him in a police assault with the added involvement of lower-ranked and young gang recruits to the Brothers Who Rule or BWR gang implementing a double-takedown on disgracing police as teen killers. The effects of the plan were thwarted by Black Lightning which lead Painkiller to escape the scene of the crime, later effects would see Painkiller die in effects against Black Lightning in a later battle.

    Powers and Abilities

    Painkiller is a metahuman with the ability to anesthetize any part of his victim's body. He also has complete control of his victims' senses such as their ability to see, taste, touch, feel and smell. His anesthetizing powers don't cause permanent impairment to his victims as they are only effective for a short period of time.


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