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I can not believe it.

I can not believe it but this issue is actually worse than the last issue.  Forget the horrible crimes that are dipicted in this three issue series.  Forget that the images are just for shock value.  There is no depth to this story.  Painkiller Jane is obviously suicidal in this book and the only reason given to put her on this path is the fact that she had to take her dog poochie to the vet and have it put to sleep.  
If you read my last review in issue one you will know what I'm talking about.  If not go back and read it.  As I said there thier will be some spoilers but it is not gonna matter so keep reading.
So, now Painkiller is filled with regret about her failures as a hero and justifiably so.  In this whole series she does not save one person.  She is very one dimensional here.  All she is capeable of is killing the criminals.  This is upsetting because she has another chance to save severl young woman she failed to save in the last book.  These are young woman who have been shaved, cut up and literally stitched together.  They are used you sexual toys by three generations of the same family.  And the death of the youngest generation in the last issue doesn't stop his own father from "finishing the job"  with these young woman.  Even at the death of his own son doesn't stop the woman's torture.
This book and series offer nothing.  The art is alright and would be enjoyable if used to facilitate a story.  The images of brutalized, and tortured woman will turn your stomach and the literal dump truck filled with their naked bodies in this issue just retch.  It seems as if the creators of this series felt that a woman fighting crime in a bunch of bandages is enough to tell a story.
As you can tell I did no like this book and gave it a half star.  I really detest giving poor reviews and try desperately to find good in the book and stay detached as I can as a reviewer.  Believe it or not I did that here.  I even waited two days before I wrote this to be as detached as possible.  The art is good and the covers and name draw you in but when you turn the cover you will enter a world of flat characters and grotesquely depicted crimes.

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