Pein's identity?

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admits he doesn't know very many of the names mentioned

but even so, from what you have said, even I have to agree with you

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It's neither Nagato nor Yahiko, they've both been ruled out by Jiraiya. When Jiraiya finally realized who Pein is, he was shocked... if it were Nagato or Yahiko like he originally suspected, why would he be so shocked? Answer: It's not them.

But if it's not them, whom could it be? Bear with me here... I believe it's Kushina. Kushina was named and discussed right before the Pein fight, she was revealed to be: from the former Whirlpool village, a red-headed tomboy, talked big, and had jutsus like Naruto. Then she made her "first" appearance in a flashback during the Pein battle.
Now what do we know about Pein? All the bodies have reddish hair which can't be a coincidence (they must turn colors after assimilation), he talks big, he uses multiple bodies in battle (jutsu similar to Naruto's?), he was crying when Madara told him to capture Naruto (Kushina's son), and claimed that he had no more "love" for Jiraiya.

But now you guys might be saying "But if Pein is Kushina, why would she call Jiraiya sensei?" That's easy... because Kushina was most likely the tomboy-looking girl in Jiraiya's genin squad with Minato. But you guys might say "Her hair isn't red in the anime." Now that could be due to a simple animation error... just look at Pein's eyes in the anime and manga: in the anime they're a rainbow of white and grays, but in the manga they're a solid blue-gray.
Also, all of Pein's bodies are ninjas that Jiraiya encountered on his journey... is that a coincidence or did Pein seek them out? Jiraiya wrote a book about his adventures (where he called himself Naruto) and gave a copy to Minato and Kushina, and while they really enjoyed it Jiraiya said that it didn't sell, so Minato and Kushina are likely the only ones who read it.

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Thanks. It really does all make sense, I'm surprised it took me this long to piece it together... now lets see if I'm close, lol.

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Wow, I do not belive that pein wuz kushina, However, one of peins body(the long haired one) looks like kushina.

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Mentioning these things, and me not have really read the Pein Jiraiya battle, I guess you're absolutely correct. This would be extremely epic if it was though, helluva way to twist the plot.

The only way to make this better is if ...Sakura becomes Hokage

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Man... This is about pein not Sakura!

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Nice to see that two out of three people don't think I'm grasping at straws. I brought this theory to another message board and they're trying to convince me that it's completely random and that the biggest flaws in my theory is how Kushina would had gotten the Rinnegan or know of Yahiko's ideals (people need to feel pain so they'll stop fighting). I answered saying how could anyone have gotten the Rinnegan if Pein really isn't Nagato, and that Jiraiya could had told stories about his time with the Rain orphans... and Yahiko's body was clearly assimilated, his consciousness or at least memories could be a part of Pein.

I also expressed how I doubt Pein really has the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan us said to have the power to bring salvation or return everything to nothingness, so why would Pein need to create an Atom Bomb jutsu hoping chaos will lead to bliss?

People seem to think that Pein is either Nagato or Yahiko because they're the most obvious candidates, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's not a duck... take Tobi for example; In Kakashi Gaiden we see Obito's character fleshed out: he's a clumsy, goofy kid with short spiked hair and gives his left eye to Kakashi. We're then introduced to Tobi less than a year later: he names are obviously similar, they act the same, have the same hair, and the mask only has a right eye hole... all the fingers point to Obito as being Tobi, but it turns out to be a guy whom was thought dead for over 70 years.

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