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    Born to Patricia Halliwell and her whitelighter Sam, Paige's existence wasn't known until the death of her big sister, Prue. This was becaus Paige was put up for adoption at birth. Paige grew into her powers quickly and has become a powerful witch and whitelighter.

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    Paige Matthews was the fourth daughter of Patricia Halliwell. Unlike her three other sisters, Paige's father was their mother's Whitelighter named Sam Wilder, whom Patty had an affair with whilst with Victor Bennett. When Paige was a baby, her parents droped her off to local church, and gave Paige to Sister Agnes, due to the fear of the forbidden law that a witch and her whitelighter should not be together. They left baby Paige with a blanket and asked the nun to name her that starts with the letter "P" like all female in the Charmed Ones current generation.


    Paige was created by Brad Kern in 2001. Her first appearance in comics was by Paul Ruditis in Charmed #0.5 from Zenescope Entertainment.

    Character Evolution

    Teen-Years Paige
    Teen-Years Paige

    She was given the name Paige and was adopted by the Matthews family. Growing in her teen years, like her older sister Phoebe, Paige had a rebellious child hood; skipping classes, partying out late, and talking back to her parents. But all the rebellious acts she did stop when she was involved in a car accident that killed her two foster parents, Paige manage to survive due to her unconsciously orbing out of the car. With the massive trauma event, Paige life turned as she focus and study in school and stop partying.

    After graduating high school, she manage to enroll into Berkeley due to a really strong emotional essay on the death of her parents. When she finished college, Paige started working for as a social worker for South Bay Social Services; helping the poor and needy people. A few years later, Paige then attempted to track down her real family. Going to the police and learned of the church at which she was left at for adoption. She checked around and suspected she was related to the Halliwell sisters, but somehow never approached them about it, being that their mother had passed away and having no relation with her.

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining the Team

    Soon Paige started going to a club called P3, which was owned by her sister Piper. A year later after the Halliwell sister Prue died, Paige felt the magical urge to visit them and attend the funeral. While giving her respect for Prue, she spoke and shook hands with Phoebe during that encounter Phoebe receives a premonition of Shax, the demon who killed Prue killing Paige.

    Paige using her powers
    Paige using her powers

    After a run in and death of Shax, she returns to the manor, upon touching the Book of Shadows, she is startled and runs off. During this time her boyfriend Shane is possess by the Source of All Evil. Hoping to turn Paige evil and destroy the remaining unformed Charmed Ones. Both her sisters were able to track her at the same church. They told her that she had powers like their late sister Prue, the power of telekinesis. Skeptical at first she tries to move a nearby candle, by waving her hand, and failed. While saying she wasn't one of them (witches) at the same time she gestured at the candle once more while saying she couldn't "move" a candle, the candle disappeared from it's current location to her open palm. Learning her telekinetic powers worked differently due to her being half Whitelighter.

    She is then approach by her possess boyfriend, Shane, claiming that someone was after him, luring her away from her sisters. He then manipulated her into using her powers to hurt a man who had abuse his child, but she was stopped thanks to her sisters, Leo then orbs then back to the manor. Paige later learned that it was the man's wife who abused the child. While Paige is throwing a fit, the Source enters and attack them, the Source try's to tempt her to join the dark side via turning into the people she has help including the little boy. But when the "boy" blast Phoebe with his electrical attack she flung the boy aside and sealing her fate to good just as midnight has struck. After the ordeal, she reconciled with her sisters and reforms the Charmed Ones legacy and is reunited with her mother through a spirit summoning spell.

    Due to various demonic problems, Piper & Phoebe try to convince Paige to move in to the manor in which she dose not agree to because of privacy & wanting a life outside of magic, but after battling the enchantress (Paige's past life), & with her apartment badly damaged, she agrees to move in & takes Prue's room.

    Adjusting to a New Life

    Paige often struggled in finding her 'inner-witch'. This was focused on throughout the series, as she went through various men and deciding to whether or not to tell her secret. Plus, she went through various temp jobs, trying to find a normal life, but would always just get sucked back in to the world of magic. Eventually, she gave up this life and decided to embrace magic by becoming Headmistress at Magic School. She later resigned and settled for being a teacher. She also finally accepted her duties as a full-time whitelighter, helping new charges daily. Although in the first few episodes of Season 8 she tried to be a police officer, this didn't work out for her and quit the force soon after joining.

    Finding Love

    After four years of love, betrayal, spells, fights and demons -- Paige finally met her soulmate, Henry Mitchell, the parole officer. Paige finally unleashed her healing powers when healing Henry from a gunshot, which can only be unlocked by love. Paige came to her senses and realised she loved Henry, soon telling him she was a witch. Henry was quick to propose to her, and after Paige had a near-death experience, the two soon married, only two weeks after their engagement. In the last ever episode of Charmed, it is shown Paige gave birth to twin girls, as well as a little boy named Henry Jr. But, in the comics, it is hinted that Henry Jr may well be adopted by Paige and Henry.

    Her Children

    During the run of the comics, Paige has reverted back to her red hair, and it is also shown that her twin girls have red hair, which is unusual as both of their parents have natural brown hair. But, it is possible that they inherited the red hair from Penny Halliwell, Paige's Grandmother, who had natural red fiery hair. Her children are half-whitelighter, half-witch and half-mortal, and are also the first twins in the Warren line of witches. This could open up lots of possibilites as they could have a strong connection, like Billie and Christy had with the 'Ultimate Power'. They could also inherit powers to conjure the elements, like Paige's past life, the Evil Enchantress. They would possibly be the most powerful whitelighters, next to Wyatt who is the twice blessed.

    Powers and Abilities.

    Whitelighter Powers


    Her whitelighter side gives her the common powers of a whitelighter. These are Orbing, Healing, Sensing, Glamouring, Light projection, Hovering, Thermokinesis, Hovering, Omnilingualism, Telepathy (with her charges).

    Orbing - This allows her summon and manipulate swirling white and blue lights, known as orbs, for a variety of effects. She can teleport herself and others in a swirl of white orbs; She can use her orbing powers to create bright lights just by saying "Lights."(similar to a torch or flashlight).

    (It is also possible she taught her sisters how to Glamour through a spell.)

    Witch Powers

    Her Witch heritage also gives her the abilities shared by all witches. These include Spellcasting (This allows her dominate many abilities and posibilities), Spellcreating, Potion Making and Scrying. Due to her Charmed One status her power is enchanced beyong that of an average Witch. Telekinetic Orbing - Paige has the ability of Telekinetic Orbing due to her Witch/Whitelighter hybrid status. When Prue was murdered by the demon assassin Shax, Paige inherited her power of telekinesis, but her Whitelighter heritage made the power work differently. This power is similar to general telekinesis, however when she moves an object she must say its name or desired location and the object shall travel to where she desires it to go in a swirl of orbs. At first Paige's powers were used to teleport objects to herself and redirect demonic attacks, and then reached the point where she was able to telekinetically orb people and demons into walls like any other telekinetic would. She can also use her powers to orb something and seemingly make it disappear by shouting "Orb away!". She has shown signs of improvement like orbing things without her hands. And has also been shown to orb things without calling for them. She doesn't have to be terribly accurate when calling for an object. Paige once orbed demonic acid by saying "Icky stuff!", and a shuriken by saying "Weapon thingy!". Paige was later able to orb and throw demons (just like Prue) just by shouting "Demons!". Her telekinetic orbing later developed into Remote Orbing. Much later in the Comics series, it is shown she can create a Force Field Out Of Orbs. Paige also learnt how to Astral Project from Leo's help through a spell, who was taught by Prue before she died.

    Combat skills

    Paige was also shown to possess high combat skills throughout the season, despite whitelighters being 'pacifists'. This may be because she is part whitelighter that she was able to skillfully combat demons. She was able to take down Phoebe when a Vampire (this may of been an advancement due to her being a Vampire) and was also able to take down Billie, who is highly skilled in all forms of martial arts. Note: She also joined the Police force after taking down a Police officer on a trial basis. She may even match to Phoebe's skills.


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