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    Paibok the Power Skrull was bionically re-engineered to posses more power than the Fantastic Four. A Captain in the Skrull empire that is relentless and ruthless.

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    Captain Paibok from the Skrull Empire devised a plan to send a spy to infiltrate the Fantastic Four from within. The spy would take the form of the Thing's girlfriend, Alicia Masters in order to stay close with members of the Fantastic Four. Captain Paibok assigned a liason officer named Lyja to become the spy for the Skrull Empire. The two of them had a brief relationship that ended badly so Lyja wasn't sure if Paibok's selection was a form of priviledge or punishment. The Skrulls abducted the real Alicia Masters after members of the Fantastic Four and other heroes disappeared during the first Secret Wars.

    Susan Richards never noticed the switch due to the unexpected disappearance of her teammates and family. Lyja disguised as Alicia Masters fell in love with Johnny Storm and both of them got married. Johhny Storm and the rest of the Fantastic Four discovered Lyja's true form after their wedding. Lyja decided to help the Fantastic Four find the real Alicia Masters who was kept in suspended animation on an asteroid base named War World. Captain Paibok agreed to get bionically re-enhanced and underwent a series of tests and experiments that granted him superhuman abilities.

    Lyja and the rest of the Fantastic Four arrived on the asteroid base and were attacked by some Skrull soldiers. The transmission was relayed to Paibok and he confronted the Fantastic Four himself. Paibok ended up killing Lyja when she sacrificed herself to save Johnny Storm from Paibok's power blast. Lyja revealed her true love to Johnny before she died in his arms. The Fantatsic Four managed to save Alicia Masters and escaped the asteroid before it exploded. Paibok survived the explosion and has vowed vengeance on the Fantastic Four.

    Powers and Abilities:

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    Paibok was bionically re-engineered and ended up possessing a number of superhuman abilities. Paibok has the ability to fly, project power blasts from his hands and has superhuman strength and durability, enabling him to withstand punches from the Thing. Paibok can also generate 50,000 volts of bio-electricity from his body and freeze the air around him enabling him to make ice constructs and shoot ice blasts from his hands too. He also possesses a hypnotic stare.


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