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Padre Benedicto was once a legit father, he had a church, parishioners that would hang on his every word. Then one day he had an affair with one and he had a disfigured daughter. He blamed God and turned his back on the All Mighty. He then started going into business of scamming gangs with the spirit of Santa Muerte.

Major Story Arcs


Benedicto brought his scam to Century City, where he meet Turo, the leader of a local gang. Turo would pay a tribute to Benedicto because of the way Turo's gang followed the father's words. Then one day when Turo got greedy and wanted the father's cut back, Benedicto had his daughter, dressed like the Santa Muerte, kill him. After displaying Turo's head for all to see, Benedicto took full control of the gang, now called Los Hjios de la Muerte. Later that day when Kato showed up at Benedicto's church the farther cemented his power by having his daughter, still dressed as Santa Muerte, attack Kato, giving Benedicto the opportunity to shot her in the gut. Now the Los Hijios believed they were truely unstoppable because Santa Muerte could defeat the great Kato.

Later that night when The Green Hornet came back, some of the Hijios tried to stop him but weren't able to, and The Green Hornet discovered Benedicto's secret workshop. Upon learning that Benedicto was using his disfigured daughter as a tool in his scam beat the father within an inch of his life.

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