Paco Testas

    Character » Paco Testas appears in 101 issues.

    Paco is the best friend of Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle and Brenda Del Vecchio.

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    When Jaime disappeared for a year he was questioned by the cops and released. He heard Brenda was almost beaten to dead by her father that a week later died in a Diu. Brenda herself was taken in by her aunt Tia Amparo. Paco visited her now and then in that year. With his best friend gone and Brenda living in an other city he eventually joined the Posse. While he wasn't an 'extra' like the other posses he proved himself a worthy member. As he was not worth the time for tugs of La Dama he could keep the business site of the Posse's running. Working on fake lotteries, smuggling and body guarding on occasions. Along the way he began to have thing with Posse member Piñata.

    Exactly a year later after Jaime's disappearance La Dama's tugs were about to capture him and Damper was it not for the timely rescue of the Blue Beetle. Overjoyed by his friend's return he quickly brought him up to date of what happened in his absence. Telling the good news to Brenda not long after that.

    Jaime requested from his friend to organize a meeting with the Posse with Paco working as the middle man. Regrettable to Paco, Jaime wished to talk with Posse member Probe about the nature of his new powers. But she was abducted almost a year ago and brought to Warehouse 13 The meeting was turned short as Damper's child Alina was abducted by the Bottom Feeder. Jaime discovered he could track DNA signatures and rescue the child, while unintentional exposing himself at television.

    After that a small group of the Posse used this new power to locate and rescue Probe at Warehouse 13. Paco had to moderate outside to plan an escape if anything went wrong. While the Posse and Jaime infiltrated the compound. But that duty wasn't that save and all to soon he was discovered by the guards outside the compound. But was rescued by the Peacemaker and lost his Jeep in the process. Not soon thereafter he discovered that Brenda's Aunt was the crime lord La Dama who was pulling all the strings in El Paso . The Posse themselves where able to leave the compound with half its residence .


    Paco and Jaime Reyes were going to Brenda's Birthday Party but instead they drove into the middle of a super-villain showdown. Unknown to Paco, Jaime becomes the Blue Beetle and Paco is rescued, only suffering minor injuries. Soon after, Phobia, Warp, Plasmus and Silverback track Paco down but is saved by the Blue Beetle and in the midst discovered that Jaime is the Blue Beetle, the Khaji-Da then forces Jaime to kill Paco. Jaime regains control and saved Paco by inserting him with a Transbiotic Antitrauma unit (T.A.U) which also gave Paco similar powers to the Blue Beetle, T.A.U could sense the lack of control Khaji-Da had and as a protocol, forced Paco to try and kill both Jaime and Khaji-Da. The T.A.U was shut down but couldn't removed, for it kept Paco alive. He joined with Brenda to look for Jaime, but the T.A.U. reactivated and turned Paco into the Blood Beetle again, kidnapping Brenda to bring out Blue Beetle. They battled and Khaji-Da found a method to save Paco, by transferring heart tissue from Jaime to Paco, patching up the wound.


    Paco wears what appears to be a red version of Jaime Reyes scarab. It has been shown to have super strength and energy blasts.

    Other Media

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    In the cartoon Batman: Brave and the Bold Paco is in a couple of the Blue Beetle team-up episodes, but shows no sign of actually knowing that his best friend Jaime is in fact Blue Beetle.


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