Question about Adrian Veidt’s plans in Watchmen

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Hi everbody,i am a comic book fan from Turkey and i don’t writing succesfully in English . But i have some questions about watchmen. Can anybody answer these questions about Watchmen that who   has pre-beginner level in English . Now the first is about ending:

Adrian’s squid killing 3 million people and broadcast the psychic signal all over the world. But in Watchmen issue 12 page 10 Adrian said: “No one will doubt this earth has met a force dreadful it must be repelled, all former’s enmities aside” What is the meaning of this? People will forget the fake alien invasion? Or that means the cold war and nuclear weapons will be forgetten.

The second question is also about Veidt’s plans. In Watchmen 10 Page 20 Nite Owl easily hack the computer because he easily guessed the password. There,i don’t understand that the smartest man of the world can be so careless. It’s the proof that Veidt is not smart enough. Isn’t it? If i have plan as important as his plan i choose a password that no one can estimate.I am not most intelligent man on the earth. I learned that Veidt Electronics very poor company. Look at its works ye mighty..
And I have a question about Dollar Bill not Ozymandias. Dollar Bill's death is tragicomical. Is there a symbolism? Like economical crisis in 30s. But Dollar Bill dies in 40s.

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can anybody help me?please.
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question one: The squid is supposed to be the first in attack by some aliens on earth and everyone must work together to stop them, no matter what happened between them in the past.  
Question 2: Niteowl breaking into the computer means nothing about Vedit's smarts. being smart does not mean being perfect, vedit had flaws like everyone else.  
question 3: it possible a symbol alan moore is know to have many layers of them in his works.
hope this helps.
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maybe Ozymandius deliberately lured Nite Owl and Rorschach in his lair so they could learn how he "saved" the world. Every supervillain needs an audience.
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@Carnage86:  Dollar Bill dying in the 40's is probably a nod to the borrowing the USA had to do on it's self to fund the war effort and rebuilding of Europe and the last time Americans mainly owned there own debt compared to now where nearly half and growing is held by other countries.
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I don't think that Ozymandias deliberatly lured them. Because he isn't a Joker,The Riddler or any crazy villain. He never takes risks,he never plays a game. He is a provident person. I think that when Rorschach captured,he thinks that the there is no menace for his "grand plan". Thanks for your answer.

 Thanks. The problem is translation of "doubt"in to my language.  
Thanks.Maybe. When 40s,is dollar collapse?

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What the hell is this? The woman like a lot Silk Spectre 2. Isn't she? [img][/img]   

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