Character » Ozymandias appears in 228 issues.

    A slave of Apocalypse. He serves mostly as a scribe and Apocalypse's right hand man but has also schemed against his master. In modern times he has become the unoffical leader of the Clan Akkaba.

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    He has been a servant of Apocalypse since the days of the fictional Pharaoh Rama-Tut (actually an alias of Kang the Conqueror). He is virtually immortal and has minor precognitive powers, and has on one occasion demonstrated the ability to mentally animate stone. His precognition and ability to animate stone are usually channeled via stone statues and sculptures of his own creation. His body appears to be made of living stone. The extent, nature, and origin of his powers is largely unrevealed.

    He was a warlord in Ancient Egypt. He kept plotting against Rama-Tut, who disposed him of his royal right to be pharaoh. In a moment of turmoil, he entered the Sphinx, which was actually Tut's time traveling ship, and seized the opportunity to unlock its secrets to dominate the nation. However, Apocalypse intercepted him and turned him into his slave.


    Thousands of years later, during her youth, Ororo Munroe, who would become the X-Men member Storm in adulthood, was hired to steal Ozymandias's magical gemstone, the Opal of Ozymandias. When he recognized Ororo from his visions, he let her go with the Opal, knowing that Storm would eventually be instrumental in Apocalypse's plans for the powerful mutants known as The Twelve. During the Onslaught crossover arc, Ozymandias was shown carving a boulder - only to have it form a picture of Onslaught standing over a charred and lifeless world. This served as a Splash page foreshadowing Onslaught's second form.

    The relationship between Apocalypse and Ozymandias was always reluctant, with Ozymandias prone to try deceptions against Apocalypse. His plan almost succeeded when Apocalypse, willing to reform his Four Horsemen, pitted Gazer against an archaeologist for the right of being the Horseman of War. Ozymandias saved his life, in exchange for his loyalty, but a brainwashed Gazer sided with Apocalypse, forcing him to flee.


    Thanks to Apocalypse's modifications with


    Technology, Ozymandias has a variety of powers.

    • Immortality: possesses granite body
    • Precognition: moderate precognitive powers
    • Animation: can animate stone


    Ozymandias's granite body can be turned to glass with Sun Fire's pyrokinesis and many other fire based characters abilities.


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