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    Daniel "Oz" Osbourne was a member of the Scooby Gang until he and his girlfriend, the witch Willow, had a falling out. In addition to his musical talents, he also bears the curse of the werewolf.

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    Seth Green as Oz
    Seth Green as Oz

    A taciturn, guitar-playing teen, and eventually Willow's boyfriend.

    Oz's most outstanding trait is his detached, ironic approach to life, masking a deeply philosophical interior. A high school senior, one year above Willow and the rest of the group, he "tests well" but his only real ambition lies in his music.

    Season Eight

    Oz returns in Season Eight. Now married to a fellow werewolf Bayarmaa, and has a son named Kendel. Buffy and the Scoobies visit him to find out how to hold back magic, so that Twilight will not be able to find them. Willow and Oz reunite, and Willow expresses some jealousy towards Oz and his family he has built. Oz however convinces Willow that she too can have a family, and just be Willow Rosenberg.

    Twilight and his forces attack the colony where Oz lives and the Scoobies have taken refuge. During the battle Bayarmaa is injured, but survives. Oz and Riley watch as Buffy leads the slayers and Scoobies into battle. Riley remarks "Amazing woman" to which Oz replies "They all are".

    Season Nine/ Willow Wonderland

    While Oz does not appear physically in Season Nine, he has appeared many times in Willow's dreams while in the mystical Wonderland.


    Oz in werewolf form in
    Oz in werewolf form in "Phases".

    As a werewolf, Oz has super human strength, agility, speed and reflexes, heal factor, enhanced sense or smell and hearing. He also has razor sharp claws on his hands and feet. He has trouble controlling his feral urges and prefers being in his human form. Oz has received training that allows him to control his transformation into a werewolf.


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