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    Wenonah Littlebird is a Cherokee woman who used her abilities as Owl Woman on the international team, the Global Guardians. She, with a few other survivors, reformed the team after their demise.

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    Wenonah Littlebird is a full blooded Native Indian from who was endowed by her Native American tribe's spirit with mystical abilities. These gifts from the spirits would endow Wenonah with the abilities of flight, night vision, an unerring sense of tracking, and tremendous strength.

    Character Evolution

    Enter The Global Guardians:

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    Deciding to represent not only her tribe but all the Native Peoples of the as the heroine Owl Woman and set out to combat minor tribal crimes and at times actual super villains.

    This brought her into the attention of the mysterious Dr. Mist and his ambitious plans to create a team of international heroes to combine forces to protect the planet as a whole. He would offer Owl Woman membership to his ever forming international team of meta-humans called the Global Guardians. She would meet and fight alongside the members of the Justice League and became a long running member of the Global Guardians.

    Corruption of the Queen Bee:

    When the Global Guardians lost their United Nations funding the team was forced to close the Dome due to lack of financial and governmental aid. Looking for a way to keep their standing and respectability as a serious super team they turned to Bialya. Joining with Jack O'Lantern ,Owl Woman made a deal with the Queen Bee to brainwash the other Guardians to move operations to Bialya. With this support the Global Guardians would build a new Dome in Bialya and Jack and Owl Woman would lead the team.

    However, she was also brainwashed by Queen Bee, who also genetically enhanced her powers; her once-clawed gloves are now a part of her, and she can cause her claws to grow, enabling her to cut through steel.

    Metamorphosis: Owl Woman
    Metamorphosis: Owl Woman

    Then Queen Bee took complete control of the Global Guardians, she used an android duplicate of Dr. Mist to further manipulate them. But the real Dr. Mist sensed his former comrades needed his assistance and planed to rescue them. Owl Woman and the original Jack O' Lantern were both found by Dr.Mist and together they escaped from Bialya.

    Owl Woman and the others soon recruited Seraph, Tasmanian Devil and Rising Sun to help their friends regain their senses from Queen Bees brainwashing. After all the Global Guardians were freed from Rumaan Harjavti, the Global Guardians reformed, and built a new Dome headquarters somewhere in the Pacific.

    Representative of the U.S.A

    Since than Owl Woman has helped such heroes as Wonder Woman, when the amazon battled the sorceress Circe's forces. One of many female heroes which were summoned together once most of the male superheroes were mystically turned into half-man/half-beast creatures and made to cause carnage through the United States. She has since kept close attention to the development of the new Global Guardians.

    Powers and Abilities

    The claws are out
    The claws are out

    Her original powers are magical in nature, having been imbued with the spirit of her Native American tribe.

    When Owl Woman was brainwashed by Queen Bee, she was also genetically altered. She gained meta-human abilities, notably retractable claws capable of cutting through steel. She can also see through total darkness, has an enhanced sense of smell and of hearing, unerring tracking ability, the ability to fly by riding air currents, and tremendous strength.


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