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Brief History

Richard Rennselaer is a former SHIELD agent who quit his job after his son developed a psychosis,who withdrawn from the world due to a fear that the world will end due to a nuclear destruction.

Desperation to save his son, Rennselaer who is a mutant technopath then took the codename of Overrider and stole the experimental TESS-One robot -part of a secret project of the Total Elimination Of genetically enhanced -Soldiers .

Overrider had the robot coated with adamantium at a Metallurgy company, and it was where he first encountered Captain America and Wolverine, each who had been following leads after Overrider escaped with experimental TESS-One in hope to assault on a nuclear facility to bury America's entire stock of nuclear missiles in the ocean floor, not knowing that the Soviet Union may interpret the plan .

Captain America and Wolverine teamed up to defeat the robot, and then encountered Overrider as he was about to dispose of the the missiles. Captain America knocked Overrider off his flying board which lead to Overrider fall to the floor. Then he was quickly given medical attention and then taken into custody.  

Overrider has been de-powered as a result of M-day


Overrider was created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Zeck in 1986 and first appeared in Captain America Annual # 8. 

Powers & Abilities

Overrider possessed the power of technopathy, enabling him to control machinery, including complex robots, and hacking advance computer systems.    

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