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The Overlord's father was a scientist on the planet of Dakkam. Due to his inexperience with atomics, he was caught in an explosion. He survived but his son was mutated and born as an ugly mutant. He grew rapidly and had super-strength. After his parents died, he was left unchecked and he went on a rampage. The people of Dakkam tried to exile him but he destroyed his entire planet within a few hours. After that he went out to conquer the entire universe.

Silver Surfer
When the Silver Surfer traveled forward in time to find a time when there was no barrier from preventing him to explore space. When he looked at Earth, he found it in ruins. The Silver Surfer then flies to Zenn-La, his home planet but found it destroyed. Finally, he finds a planet with ape like savages who decides to capture the Silver Surfer for their master, Overlord. He allows them to capture him and is brought before the Overlord. The Overlord tells Silver Surfer how he destroyed all life in the universe. The Surfer attacks the overlord but a guard tries to defend the Overlord, who kills the guard with an energy blast as he wanted to kill the Surfer himself. The Surfer attacks the Overlord again who shrugs off his cosmic blast and knocks the Surfer unconscious. The Surfer was then brought away to have his life energy power the machinery of the Overlord. There, the last survivor of Zenn-La tells the Surfer the origin of the Overlord and releases him.

The Surfer then travels back in time and prevented the accident the Overlord's father had from occurring, thus the Overlord was never a mutant and the future was altered.


He has super strength and has energy blast which rivals that of the Silver Surfer. He is also very durable, shrugging off the attacks of the Silver Surfer.


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