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Overload is an Autobot powerhouse. On his own, he's strong, massive, and covered with guns and artillery. He can also combine with Optimus Prime, forming a powerful set of cannons for the Autobot leader.

For the Decepticon Constructicon see Overload

Major Story Arcs

Zone Magazine Continuity

Zone Magazine Overload
Zone Magazine Overload

Overload's alt-mode is blue semi cab pulling a grey and red car carrier trailer. During the battle at the ocean-covered world of Wall by Poseidon and Trypticon, Victory Saber charged into battle, but was quickly overwhelmed. Luckily, the four Autobot commanders, Overload, Erector, Missile Bull and Skywave arrived to save him. The commanders along with their Off Road, Jet and Race Car Patrol Teams, arrived in time to save the drowning citizens and rescue Victory Saber. After which they beat back the Decepticons.

Dreamweave Productions Continuity

Transformers Armada

Transformers Energon

More than Meets the Eye: Transformers Armada

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Overload did not appear in this Dreamweave storyline, he did get a biography in the title.

IDW Comics Continuity

In Other Media


Transformers Armada (2002)

Alternate Version Toys

Transformers: Universe

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Overload was presented in the Transformers: Universe toyline as a train that when combined with the other Railbots to form the back of Rail Racer.

Transformers: Cybertron

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Overload was recreated in the Cybertron toyline as a Tank with Rocket Launch systems.


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