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Taserface is a warrior of the 31st century. He is the member of the Stark, an alien race who has inherited the technology of Tony Stark. The Stark worship Tony as their patron deity. After his defeat at the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Taserface was disgraced and tortured, his name removed because he no longer deserved it.

He was shown mercy by the High Sister of the Stark and converted into a cyborg and given a new name - Overkill. He tested his armor and got his revenge on Firelord, defeating him before retreating. He upgraded even more, before continuing his quest for revenge. He lured Hollywood into a trap and they fought each other. But Overkill underestimated Hollywood and was soundly defeated. Instead of face defeat, he initiated a self destruct device capable of destroying solar systems. Hollywood grabbed him and took the brunt of the blast, surviving the onslaught.


Taserface was created by Jim Valentino in 1990 and first appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy # 1.

Powers & Abilities

Taserface possesses a degree of invulnerability and is equipped with repulsor rays, tasers, sensors, and the ability to absorb energy.


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