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    Secret society composed by various clans built around a totem weapon. They started fighting the corruption but ended spliting and corrupting themselves.

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    The Outsiders are a secret society made up of seven clans that utilize a specific weapon. The Magus reveals these clans to be: the Sword clan, the Arrow clan, the Spear clan, the Fist clan, the Shield clan, the Ax clan, and a clan based on an unknown weapon. For a time the purpose of the society was to be a check and balance for the corrupt civilizations. Recently the Outsiders have been fragmented due to in-fighting and corruption within their own ranks.

    The core group of the Outsiders are made up of the clan heads who are in possession of the clans sacred Totem weapon. These Totem weapons are said to bring true enlightenment and immortality for its holder.


    Sword Clan (splintered from the Outsiders)

    Leader: Katana

    Members: Coil

    Arrow Clan (splintered from the Outsiders)

    Leader: Robert Queen

    Members: Green Arrow, Komodo, Shado, Emiko Lacroix

    Spear Clan (with the Outsiders)

    Leader: Golgotha (deceased)


    Fist Clan (with the Outsiders)

    Leader: Onyx


    Shield Clan (with the Outsiders)

    Leader: Kodiak


    Axe Clan (splintered from the Outsiders)

    Leader: The Butcher


    Mask Clan (splintered from the Outsiders)

    Leader: Magus


    Other members

    • Count Vertigo has no weapons proficiency but is lumped with the Outsiders


    • The leaders of the clans make up the core group of the Outsiders
    • Not all clans are currently part of the Outsiders, some have gone rogue
    • Several individuals have shown proficiency in particular weapons used by the clans but is not yet revealed to be an actual member of the clan

    Current Events

    Outsiders War

    After the battle between Count Vertigo and Green Arrow, Team Arrow discusses what to do next. Fyff and Naomi want Oliver to focus on Seattle while Shado is intent on finding the Totem Arrow. Despite the reasoning of Team Arrow, Oliver decides to follow up on the crumbs of information that was left to him by Magus.

    Oliver accompanies Shado back to the island to retrieve the sacred weapon of the Arrow clan. Elsewhere Magus contacts The Butcher to ready the rest of the rogue clans for war against the Outsiders. While on the island Ollie reminisces his time there, albeit not really wanting to. He recalls the events from the explosion, to getting stranded on the island, to training and getting caught by masked individuals.

    Back in the present Ollie shows annoyance at Shado's insistence that the Totem Arrow is still on the island. Much to his surprise Shado reveals a hidden part of the island that Oliver had missed out. She reveals the enclave to be the resting place of the Arrow clan.

    In Prague, Golgotha is seen conversing with Komodo, who wanted another crack at Ollie. Golgotha tells him that he has already sent the Shield clan, under the leadership of Kodiak, to meet Oliver on the island.

    Ollie recalls the torture he had received on the island by a group of masked individuals. Back in the present as Ollie looks over where the Totem Arrow should be, Shado teases that Oliver is missing out on something about the Totem Arrow. Oliver shows frustration over Shado's inability to speak straight but their argument is cut short by the arrival of the Shield Clan.

    In Japantown, Katana's meditation is disrupted by Magus. She threatens him but he seems unfazed. Magus tries to explain to Katana that her past skirmishes with the Sword clan, Coil, and Mona Shard were connected. He mentions the Outsiders which Katana has become familiar with in passing. Magus warns her of blood and she coolly states that she is no stranger to it.

    On the island, Ollie and Shado are met by a group of Shield clan warriors. The archers let out a volley of arrows which do little to the company of shields. A member of the shield clan retaliates by throwing. and hitting Oliver, his shield. In response Oliver starts using his trick arrows while berating Shado for belittling them.

    The company of shields are dispatched by the archers until Kodiak makes his move. Realizing that they don't stand a chance against the leader of the Shields, Oliver proposes a tactical retreat. As they run through the jungle Oliver flashes back to his previous time on the island. He recalls being tortured to the point that the Spoiled Rich Boy had died. Oliver makes his first kill and flees the camp of the masked individuals.

    In the present, Oliver leads Shado to the shack where he had his first kill. Shado resumes to tell Ollie that he was not stranded on the island by accident. Oliver angrily denies all of Shado's claims until a figure from his past appears. The masked man who had ordered his torture makes himself known and apologizes for what he put Ollie through. The man reveals himself to be none other than...

    Robert Queen divulges to Oliver how he had faked his death and escaped to the island. He motivates Ollie into becoming a warrior under false pretenses. Robert's plans were to shape Ollie into a member of the rogue clans to fight in the war against the Outsiders. He also reveals that Shado and Magus were working as per his orders, save for Shado who got herself captured by Count Vertigo.

    Robert finally shows the Green Arrow to Oliver but Oliver is unable to digest the revelation. He berates his father but is interrupted by the arrival of Kodiak. They engage in a melee here Kodiak has the advantage. It was only by a matter of teamwork between father and son that the head of the Shield clan is defeated. Oliver knocks out his father and tells Shado to, "Go to hell".

    Back in Seattle, Naomi and Fyff discuss the gang situation when John Diggle walks in on them. He reveals to them his past with Oliver and announces that he is looking for Green Arrow. They tell him that Ollie is off somewhere to which Diggle responds with, "sounds like Ollie's M.O." When they asked Diggle why he needed Green Arrow, he responds by asking if they wanted to help him bring down Richard Dragon.

    Meanwhile Komodo leaves for Prague to meet with the Outsiders. There he openly challenges Golgotha's decisions and Golgotha orders Onyx to kill him. To his surprise Onyx instead challenges Golgotha and promptly defeats him. Komodo shoots an arrow through Golgotha's skull as he rallies the Outsiders to War.


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