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Nightwing and the New Outsiders

The Good: The cover's fairy standard, but it works well for s first issue. We've got all the characters in very intimidating poses, each one saying a lot about who they are simply with their body language.
This new series is carrying on the will of the original, using a protege of Batman to drive a team assembled to defy conventional superhero team dynamics. Sure the setup is completely different, but look at it this way. Both teams were assembled in a very business-like manner, both teams were created with express purpose of NOT being like the team Batman/Nightwing was previously on, and both teams include 3 members who are completely new characters. Indigo showed up before, but only in the mini-event that was meant to set-off this series so she still counts.
And these new characters are definitely as varied as they are interesting, from Black Lightning's daughter Thunder, to the meta-nightclub bouncer Grace, to the far-flung-futuristic android Indigo. And they all get introduced in an excellently paced set of scenes that build the team on brick at a time. And even though a lot of this hinges on the Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day special, you never feel penalized for not having read said story. You get the key bits summarized in very natural dialogue.
The threat is something pretty cool, with a villain I definitely like, but most of all some absolutely excellent pacing leading into the two storylines of the team and the threat colliding in the finale to set up the next issue.
These Outsiders have a very intriguing premise. After the depression of losing teammates who are like family all too often, Arsenal has Nightwing hooked by providing a team that is intended to be 100% business-like, devoid of emotional connections so as not to put severe emotional weight on the intended leader. Especially his choice of Indigo, the unintended cause of the most recent tragedy, can be accepted on principle of 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' But it's not even just that, it's that Nighting is being asked to lead a superhero crack squad of operatives. The point is that none of them (bar Arsenal) are his friends. And the intention is not to be friends. They are comrades in arms, and nothing more. We'll see how that plays out, but for now it's definitely an interesting twist on the classic superhero team dynamic.
The art's a little inconsistent, but it works.
The Bad: Not much really.
In Conclusion: 5/5
In all honesty, this is a great first issue that I really couldn't find any flaws with. It's got a lot of uniqueness and potential, and I'm interested to see all the places it goes for 49 more issues. I was a little unsure coming in due to the vast difference between this and most Outsiders titles, but it pays respect to the orignal very well in its origins. If you're an Outsiders fan, so far this looks worth checking out.

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