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    Speedster and newest member of the Guardians of the Globe. Outrun is from South Africa.

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    Outrun made a name for herself as a superhero in South Africa. Becoming somewhat of an Idol, she is approached by an organization called the Guardians of the Globe. With her candid and speedy personality, she accepted their offer to join the organization when soon after her body is taken over by a villain named "Embrace". Embrace, who has the power to possess fellow humans, possessed Outrun and fed information to the Guardians of the Globe's evil counterpart, "The Order". Being taken over, she was a helpless spectator in her own body. Embrace initiated several sexual encounters between Outrun and male members of the Guardians, as Outrun was forced to watch. Because of Outrun's previous flirtatious and outgoing nature, none of her colleagues realized what had happened to her, until Best Tiger noticed very minuscule changes and decided that Outrun hadn't been acting herself for a while. He decides to confront her and he ultimately frees Outrun from Embrace's control and forces Embrace to flee.

    Powers and Abilities

    Outrun's most notable power is her superhuman speed. Although her top speed is unknown, she has been shown running on water, and was also able to run from New York to Iowa in mere seconds. Her quick thinking and effective tactical retreats have often set the groundwork for efficient counterattacks. She has skilled perception skills and when fighting Gorgg was able to tell that he Kaboomerang was using telekinesis powers to make his boomerangs hit the mark, and not just pure skill.


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