Team » Outriders appears in 21 issues.

    Outriders are genetically engineered parasite-assassins that serve the Mad Titan Thanos.

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    Outriders are described as parasite assassins, genetically engineered to fulfill their mission holding four arms and the ability to phase through objects, be invisible and probe the minds of their targets. They are loyal and devoted and strive only for success who gladly accept the reward of death upon completion of their mission. They served the Mad Titan Thanos and during the Builders invasion of known space.

    An Outrider was dispatched to Earth find the location of a particular treasure that was desired by his master. He managed to breach the city of Attilan where he entered into Black Bolt's bedchambers and probed his mind in his sleep. However, he awoke the Inhuman King who wounded the Outrider, though the parasite assassin managed to escape despite losing an arm in the encounter. Returning to Titan, the wounded creature conveyed his findings to his master and was rewarded with death for the completion of his task.


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