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    Outlaw is a mercenary that sometimes works with Deadpool, and recently had a relationship with him. She helped Taskmaster train Alex Hayden, whom she also dated. She is a mutant with superhuman strength, durability, and incredible skill and accuracy with firearms.

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    Born in Texas, Inez was bullied by her peers. They called her Crazy Inez, and she is still violent towards anyone who calls her that. After her mutant powers manifested, she beat the crap out of everyone who bullied her and called her by her dreaded nickname. Her father began to teach her self control, and her fights began to decrease. This nickname has affected her so much that it still sends her into a mad rage today.


    Outlaw was created by Gail Simone and Udon and first appeared in Deadpool #65 in May 2002.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agency X

    Outlaw introduces herself
    Outlaw introduces herself

    When she grew older she became a mercenary. In her first appearance she was hired to kill the Four Winds, but was beaten to it by the Black Swan. This led to her first meeting with Deadpool, who she encountered many times. She flirted with him, but the two never got a chance to pursue a relationship. After, she was hired to be Dazzler's bodyguard but quit because of her manager's sexual advances, she dumped the task on Deadpool. She became the shooting instructor for Alex Hayden, Agent-X. Later, both Inez and Alex were hired to steal Punisher’s gun. Even though they were competing for the gun, they began a romantic relationship. Both of them failed to obtain the gun, and were humiliated and tricked by the Punisher who left them in a telephone booth without their clothes. They then began to work together. They continued to work with Taskmaster and Sandi, and during a fight with Crossfire, Inez was wounded but soon recovered. Alex announced his plans to start Agency X, but Outlaw had to leave to help her sick father.

    She returned when her father died, and was surprised to find that Alex had started an affair with his secretary, Sandi. Her anger was forgotten when she saw Agent X being attacked by Black Swan. Black Swan made the mistake of calling Outlaw Crazy Inez, and found Outlaw’s hand forced through his torso. He survived, but, with the help of Taskmaster and Sandi, Black Swan was defeated. She joined Agency X. Sandi and Taskmaster then embarked on a relationship, as Inez and Alex continued theirs.


    With the 198
    With the 198

    It's unknown how Agency X broke up, but after M-Day Inez retained her powers after the Decimation and found sanctuary in the X-Mansion. She bumped into the mutant Peepers on her way who was running away from the Leper Queen.

    She is one of the 198, and bunked with Magma and Skids. She has become good friends with Magma. During Civil War, Outlaw and the other 198 are busted from the mansion and the O.N.E. to a bunker in a desert. While there she is taken under the thrall of Johnny Dee, who uses her to attack Shatterstar and hold Domino at gun point, however Toad snaps her out of it and later they are all freed from the bunker and the detonating nuclear weapons inside.

    Re-union with Agency X

    Recently, Inez was kidnapped by Deadpool's old adviseray T-Ray, along with her friend Sandi, but was rescued not much later by Deadpool, who quickly killed T-Ray. They found out that Agent X, their former teammate, was also kidnapped by Hydra. When they freed him and where re-united with their former teammate Agent X, they where shocked to find out that he had turned extremely obese. Outlaw and Sandi then later joined Weasel to help bring Deadpool and Bob: Agent of HYDRA back to the present day, after Weasel accidentally transported the two to World War II. After they were restored, Sandi and Outlaw stayed with the Fantastic Four, to play cards. The two seemed very willing to play strip poker with any male that wanted to join them.

    Suicide Kings

    Inez and Wade sleep together
    Inez and Wade sleep together

    After this Inez moves to New York. Outlaw also cuts all her hair off, much to Deadpool's shock, and has broken up with Agent X.

    Deadpool comes to Outlaw after a violent fight with the Punisher and ends up falling unconscious on her sofa. She says he can stay even though he called her Crazy Inez. She helps him recover and helps him after he's framed for terrorism by Tombstone.

    However, he ends up destroying it after a fight with the Punisher. Feeling bad for what he done, Deadpool re-models and fully equips her apartment, realizing he does care for her. Outlaw and Wade sleep together. Outlaw claimed that it had been the nicest thing that someone had ever done for her and that she choose to sleep with him because he didn't have ulterior motives. The two mercenaries apparently start a relationship after this.

    Domino’s Posse

    Outlaw was offered a job by one of her best friends, Domino, to be part of her new mercenary outfit, The Posse.

    This made her a target of a mysterious duo targeting Domino, forcing Domino to push her friends aside. So, Outlaw teamed with fellow Posse member, Diamondback, for their own independent investigation. Using a lead from Deadpool, they tracked down Topaz and Prototype to an old super soldier lab where they and Domino were experimented on as kids. This is where the two developed a grudge against Domino and wanted her to suffer. When Prototype and Outlaw teleported away, Outlaw and Diamondback stole an Avenger quinjet to save Domino.


    Inez Temple
    Inez Temple
    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5' 11"
    • Weight: 142 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Occupation: Mercenary
    • Place of Birth: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
    • Status: Mutant
    • Unusual Features: Breast implants; has short hair but often wears a long blond wig with her cowboy hat.


    Outlaw is a mutant possessing superhuman strength, at a peak of lifting 10 tons, as well as superhuman stamina and durability, being able to withstand being shot by a firearm and only sustaining small bruises.

    She also has a accelerated healing factor that can heal minor wounds within hours. Outlaw is an expert with various firearms, wielding them with incredible accuracy and it is possible (though never made clear) that she possesses enhanced eyesight. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat but prefers the use of conventional firearms.

    Alternate Versions

    Deadpool Pulp

    Outlaw Pulp's elevator massacre
    Outlaw Pulp's elevator massacre

    In a pulp version of Deadpool set in the 1950's during the Cold War, Outlaw is a rogue CIA agent who has stolen a suitcase carrying nuclear weapons. Outlaw plans to hand over the suitcase to America's enemy, Russia. The CIA's top assassin Deadpool is hired to hunt her down and stop her. It turns out that she is the only person he has ever loved, but in the end he has to sacrifice her in order to save the country, as she planned to destroy Manhattan with the Nuke in order to unite America against the Russians.

    Deadpool Max

    Lost in Translation
    Lost in Translation

    In this version, Outlaw is shown as Doctor Inez, Deadpool's psychological therapist. During their session, Wade imagines the things she's saying as sexual comments and provides "logical" narratives of what she's really saying. However, Inez is in-fact saying those overtly sexual comments and is obsessed with Deadpool. She lands him in a mental institute to be closer to him. It is there that she sleep with him, but he leaves her because she's crazy, not really a doctor. She later shows up having changed her identity into this universe's version of Domino. She's also pregnant with Deadpool's child. This makes Deadpool incredibly excited, which unhinges Inez again, revealing that it's a fake baby under her shirt. She goes off into the night alone, having changed personalities to a woman named "Honey Moon." Deadpool treats it as if it were real and tries to be a good father. After Inez returns, she reveals that she has been on a murder spree and that the baby's fake. Deadpool cleans up her mess and convinces her to be a good mother to their "child," and has her institutionalized.

    Inez adopts other personas in subsequent issues, including "Santa Claws" and a personality similar to Earth-616's Outlaw. In Deadpool Max 2 #5, she is unmasked having impersonated Blind Al. Cable then reveals that Inez is that universe's version of Copycat, engineered to be able to adopt other personas so completely as to have memories.


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