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Landslide, Boulder, Digger & Water Witch.
Landslide, Boulder, Digger & Water Witch.

The Outcasts are ugly or deformed men and women who live in Subterranea, under the Mole Man's rule. They consider themselves to be outcasts in human society. They are extremely sensitive to the light, so they usually wear hoods when they are in the surface. The Mole Man has granted superhuman powers to a number of the Outcasts of Subterranea.

The Mole Man and his Outcasts would help the residents of Clairton against the Dire Wraiths. The Dire Wraiths placed the residents of Clairton under their control with sorcery and imprisoned them in a wall-less cell down in the old mines. One of the Mole Man's creatures found the citizens as it burrowed and they were able to free themselves. Clairton's local hero, Torpedo and the rest of the citizens told the Mole Man that the Dire Wraiths posed a menace to his kingdom. The Dire Wraiths disguised themselves as the citizens of Clairton so Mole Man and his Moloids would drag the Wraiths below the surface and overpower them before they could escape. Rom and Starshine came to the town of Clairton in search of the Dire Wraiths and traveled below the surface to find Mole Man and his Outcasts. Mole Man ordered his Outcasts to slay the Spaceknights for invading his realm. Rom and Starshine refused to fight back once they learned these Outcasts were human and not Dire Wraiths. The battle ceased when Starshine blinded Mole Man with a burst of light and Rom explained that they were there to protect all life on Earth against the Dire Wraiths. Most of the Dire Wraiths were defeated except two that were disguised as Steve Jackson and Brandy Clark. The two impostors fired on Rom but Starshine sacrificed herself to save him. Starshine would reveal her love to Rom as she died in his arms. Starshine was buried in Clairton and the Mole Man asked Digger to claw his way to the surface so they could have a glimpse of the humans they befriended and aided against the Dire Wraiths. Mole Man and his Outcasts would then return to the depths.

The Outcasts would come into conflict with Iron Man when Kala reached the surface world. Mole Man ordered his Outcasts to retrieve Kala when she was seeking out Iron Man for his help.

Boulder has superhuman strength. Digger; he has very sharp claws, and he can slice through most substances with them. Landslide can induce tremendous vibrations within a person or object by touching it and Water Witch is able to control water with a wand (she was also a member of the Femizons)

The Outcasts from Subterranea aren't related with the gamma radiation mutated Outcasts. A fictional group of characters from Marvel. They are animals and plant life that were mutated with the same gamma radiation explosion that created the Hulk.

The Outcasts from Subterranea aren't related with the Outcast from post-World War II. These ones are a fictional group of characters from Marvel, who first appeared in Alpha Flight #122.

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