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    Ugly entrepeneur from Mega-City One.

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    A citizen of late 21st / early 22nd century Mega-City One, Otto Sump was born so ugly that his mother abandoned him on the steps of a Face-Change Clinic. Several failed attempts to use the advanced technology of his era to make himself handsome, or at least not hideously ugly, convinced Sump that he was deep down ugly. He went on a reality television show, Sob Story, to plead his sad tale against other hard luck cases for a massive cash prize and won; a killer who had targetted previous winners came after Sump, but Otto was saved by the intervention of Judge Dredd.

    He continued to occasionally cross paths with Judge Dredd over the years, usually over one of Otto's schemes (his range of ugly cosmetics, smart pills etc).

    Sump used his new wealth and celebrity status to create several businesses, proving to be a surprisingly successful entrepeneur. He created a fashion craze which encourage people to "uglify" themselves, selling a range of cosmetics specially designed to achieve this, and sold Gunge, a hideous looking food made from waste but which was actually very nutritious. When he marketed "smart pills" which were actually placebos, the Judges investigated him, but found that his cleverly worded adverts made no false claims.


    Otto Sump was created by John Wagner and Ron Smith, and first appeared in the Judge Dredd tale "Sob Story, Part Two" in 2000AD Prog 132.

    He finally met his end in the Megazine (volume four) story 'Citizen Sump' (issues 12-13).


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