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Oswald Zinn, also known as Napoleon, used to be a great bank robber. This made him rich, but then he started hiring crews and planning the back robberies for them, this made him very rich. Then one day, after fifteen years of working behind the scene, one of his crews went rogue and killed a woman cop during a robbery. This got the attention of Punisher, who tracked the crew back to their hideout. He then started to fallow the money and this lead back to Oswald.

Oswald hires the Immortals, a band of mercenaries, and send them and his head body guard Billy to take down the Punsiher. This only works at making Punisher more angry. He tortures Billy and uses the information to come after Zinn personally. Zinn surrounds himself with hired guns but knows its only a matter of time. He is then approached by Gottlieb, with an offer of the place called Erewhon. Zinn takes Gottlieb on his offer only to learn that Erewhon is real but it exists as a run down village in the middle of a South American jungle.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Wolverine/Punisher

Ten Years Later- Oswald Zinn has joined Gottlieb and his group called The Council. He devises a plan, break Harvey Long out of prison and use him to lure The Punisher to Ereworn. Then realize the citizens on the Punisher. This plan back fires and the citizens turn on the Council killing all but Zinn. He survives by promising the citizen the death of the Punisher.

He devises a plot that will force the Punisher to fight Wolverine to the death but this plan backfires and The Punisher kills Zinn.


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