Orrgo Respect Thread

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Respect Orrgo the Unconquerable!

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Travels 2 billon miles in under 60 seconds, learns Englsh by draining the info from humans' brains.

Blows a dude away with a "wind as strong as cyclone", telekinetically lifts cars.

Makes trees come to life, melts tanks and guns.

Transforms planes into birds, encases the entire city of Washington in a block of ice.

Lifts New York very high, turns every person on Earth into his mental slave.

Mind control is so strong it holds even while he is sleeping. Gets killed by gorrilla... not. As he is alive and well in future.

Levitates himself and others.

Pushes people around mentaly.

Causes global-scale mayhem. Transmutes Spider-Man, FF and Thor before they can attack. Telekinesis, transmutation and seismic control showings.

Brainwashes everyone on Earth. Again. Well, barring the Defenders for some reason.

Picks out various villains from across time and space, brainwashes them and makes them fight the Defenders. Notice that Juggernaut is among the crowd. Yes, Orrgo brainwashed Juggs with his helmet on. Because he is nasty like that.

Unmakes everything he did on a whim.

Apparently is good with tech.

Frees Dugan's LMD from Kobik's mind control, takes Kobik's blast (Kobik is a living comsic cube).

Makes Kobik struggle to keep her forcefield.

Cracks ground, owns some SHIELD agents.

Orrgo's first visit on Earth is canonical, and it seems like the memory of it is very unpleasant to him.

While his size is inconsistent, is pretty big as of latest.

Hacked into SHIELD databases and stole some intel, but got caught and transferred to Pleasant Hill, where Kobik transformed him into a dog.

It should be mentioned that Orrgo in latest appearences almost never shows his mental powers for some reason (plot?) and is generally portrayed as a generic monster brute and even pushower. Like, he was beat up and captured by Cho Hulk off-screen and was apparently murdered by Deadpool and Electra along with 14 other classic Marvel Monsters. Despite, you know, being alive and working for SHIELD. Talk about continuity problems.

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This is awesome!

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