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    One of the Marvel Monsters from the early 1960's. Years later, he would wreck havoc against planet Earth. The Defenders eventually managed to stop him.

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    About a millennia ago it was said a creature had fallen from the sky. It was Orrgo who quickly conquered humanity and elevated his position to godhood. However, his rule didn’t last too long: soon Ulysses Bloodstone came along and defeated him. After that no other like him had come to Earth for a while. Orrgo eventually returned to Earth and just like the last time, he took over the planet fairly quick by putting humanity under his mental domination. After this he returned to the place where he first arrived: the circus. Orrgo was tired and needed rest so he had fallen asleep. While he was sleeping, a gorilla called Jo-Jo had broken out of its cage. Somehow Jo-Jo knew Orrgo was the reason he hadn’t been getting food lately. The gorilla attacked Orrgo and killed him. The rest of Orrgo's race thought the humans somehow found a way to kill their brother and called off their invasion on Earth.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    Later on, the Headmen and M.O.D.O.K. summoned Orrgo using the God from Beyond statue which was powered by the Star of Capistan when Orrgo was first worshipped thousands of years ago. This led to conflict with the Defenders who were easily defeated by Orrgo. He then continued causing trouble all over the world, making cities levitate, volcanoes erupt, and areas burst into flames.

    With telepathy he was able to gain control over every single person's mind on Earth but the Headmen, MODOK, and the three Defenders who were immune to his telepathy due to touching the idol before. While the Headmen had been having fun with science, Orrgo had maintained control over the entire planet. When their base was attacked by the Defenders, the Headmen ordered Orrgo to summon supervillains to take care of them. Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor, and Doctor Strange fought these villains while Nighthawk, Hellcat, and Valkyrie took on the Headmen who had been abandoned by A.I.M. and M.O.D.O.K.

    Nightmask got a hold of the statue and ordered Orrgo undo the damage he had done to the Earth. Orrgo obeyed the command and did so. The villains he had summoned were returned back to where they were originally at. Doctor Strange then had a thought that Orrgo should get rid of all evil on Earth but Hellcat broke the idol and told Strange that be against free will. With the idol broken, Orrgo was free to do as he pleased. Angered, he threatened to devastate Earth once again but Hellcat reminded him of how his race had always lost to humans and if he really wanted to fight them again. Orrgo then left this dimension for his own and said he would return once the humans where extinct.


    Orrgo possessed telepathic powers strong enough to bend the very fabric of reality. Enabling the take over the minds of everyone on Earth at the same time, transform matter, make volcanoes erupt, produce incredible blasts and levitate entire cities.


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