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    A Valeronian baby who was imbued with energy from the Source Wall, Later adopted into Mongul's Warzoon until he was recused by Superman and The Authority .

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    Orphan was created by Daniel Sampere and Phillip Kennedy Johnson in Action Comics #1029 for the Warworld Saga.


    Orphan's parents were scientist from the planet Valeron, they were exploring the Source Wall when a breached occur. The explosion killed his mother however a the family's technofamiliar pet Darling saved his life by assimilating his mother's body and forming an incubator around Orphan. They were saturated with energy from Te Source, giving Orphan strange abelites and intelligence. The Teacher discovered Orpan and carried him back to Warworld. Teacher developed the Orphan Boxes and other powerful weapons by studying how the Source flow through Orphans veins.


    • Source Energy Generation: Source runs through Orphan's veins like blood. He can manipulate the energy within himself to a variety of effects.
      • Energy Projection
      • Enhanced Intellect
      • Teleportation

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