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    Orphan, also known as Mister Sensitive, was a suicidal mutant and the de facto leader of X-Statix. He possessed superhuman senses and greatly enhanced reflexes, and was also a master of martial arts and mental discipline.

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    He always had those antennae and that shock of white hair. Apart of that Guy Smith was a normal kid.

    A mysterious fire struck Guy Smith's house. He thinks his folks tragically died when he had only two-years old.

    Really his fathers were in jail during seven years for Guy's attemped murder. Police said they tried to make it look like Guy doed in a fire.

    He was raised in an orphanage where his mutant powers began to manifest during his teen years: his skin became easily irritated and he became extremely sensitive to his surroundings. A warm breeze, the rustle of hidden life underfoot, the racing of a girlfriend's heart. Pain, confusion and anguish. The drugs he took to control the acuteness of his senses weren't an answer.

    Guy traveled far and wide, studying martial arts and mental disciplines (Tukang Moosul, Jet Kune Do, TD Meditation, Tantric Magic, The Obscene Kiss, and on and on...).

    He became suicidal and practiced Russian roulette as a nightly ritual.

    And then he came to the attention of mutant expert Professor X for help. Professor X was able to design a special suit that empowered him to temper and control his indiluted senses. Guy Smith has conquered overwhelming odds to become Mister Sensitive.


    Orphan was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and first appeared in X-Force #117 (2001).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Joining X-Force

    Russian Roulette
    Russian Roulette

    Guy Smith was contacted by the X-Force agency to become part of the newly re-formed televised X-Force team (after many of the previous members had been killed during the last mission of the team). Guy accepted the offer to become a member and hopefully a hero and was given the name Mister Sensitive.

    What Guy had not told anyone else was his dangerous game of Russian Roulette, which he played to be in balance with himself. He polishes his gun as a kind of ritual. He always polish a loaded gun last thing at night.

    After one of his first encounters with the media, Guy had returned to his mobile home, being followed relentlessly by the press. At this time Guy choose to play Russian Roulette. A shot was heard from within the home, making many reporters fear he had killed himself. Guy was however fine and choose to keep his game a secret for others.

    Leader of X-Force

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    Taking up leadership of the team not soon after joining it, Guy changed his Superhero name from Mister Sensitive to "Orphan", to honor his parents. During his time on the team, Guy started to develop feelings towards his teammate U-Go Girl. The two soon became romantically involved and fell in love with each other. They had many missions together. Eventually the team wanted to change their name into something different then X-Force. U-Go Girl, or Edie, had an amazing name and would tell Guy this after their next mission. The relationship of the two lovers thrived, but their love was soon cut short due to Edie's sudden demise on a mission. Edie's last words where the name she thought the team should bear, X-Statix. In her honor, Guy changed it to this name.


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    Not having been able to cope with Edie's death, Guy started seeing her in his head. His mind would however be drawn to new team-member and replacement of U-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo! Although Venus showed much interest to Guy, at first he was very reluctant to accept his mutual feelings towards her. Eventually the two did become lovers and fought on various missions together.

    Although Orphan was one of the more successful members of the X-Statix, he could not avoid being killed in the last mission along with the other members. After he had stepped down from leading X-Statix and had Anarchist take his place, they went on one more mission that was supposedly high-paying and low risk but ended up ending their career. He and Anarchist charged enemy troops in a blaze of glory that cost them their lives.


    Reunited at Last
    Reunited at Last

    Although this seemed to have been the end of The Orphan, his troubles had yet to begin. While Orphan had been cast into Heaven, it seemed that old teammate Anarchist had been send into Hell (or Limbo) after his death. There, Anarchist had joined forces with a group of supervillains including Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio led by the Pitiful One and returned from the dead for twenty-four hours to raise hell in the present time. During this time, fellow old X-Statix member Dead Girl made a trip to the afterlife, in witch she recruited Orphan to fight the villains. The duo also encountered U-Go Girl during this trip. Orphan and U-Go Girl had a brief moment of love together once more in the afterlife.

    Ultimately Orphan managed to show Anarchist the errors of his ways and had him rebel against the villains, ending up fighting the villains together with Orphan and Dead Girl. After the evil forces had been taken care of, it is implied that both Orphan and now Anarchist joined U-Go Girl into Heaven.

    Powers and Abilities

    Orphan has superhuman senses that are on par with Wolverine's and Daredevil's. He appears to have a radar-like danger sense (which gave him a "funny feeling" over their last mission). Orphan also possesses superhuman speed, coordination, and reflexes/reaction, and trained extensively to become a master martial artist. His skill in mental discipline grants him the ability to levitate.

    Professor X designed a special suit for Orphan that grants him better control over his hyper-enhances senses.


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