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Brief History


Little is known of Orphan-Maker's past but apparently, Peter was held captive in Mister Sinister's "orphanage" for unknown reasons. Mr. Sinister had instead decided that Peter was too uncontrollable and must be killed. Saved by Nanny, she makes him into the first of her "Lost Boys (and Girls)". Under Nanny's direction, Peter, as the Orphan-Maker, began to kill the parents of young mutants (and thus "orphaning" them) and abducting them for Nanny.

They would confront the X-Men operating out of a small, faux-town in the Australian outback. Dazzler and Havok are ambushed and stunned in a ship designed to look like a crash-landed artifact. The captured are physically converted into children. They are given battlesuits themselves and convinced to attack the other X-Men. Some assistance is given by Jubilee, whom the X-Men did not know of at the time. Orphan-Maker and Nanny are temporarily defeated after Colossus rescues Havok from his battlesuit. Confused and disoriented from his experience, Havok blasts Nanny's ship, causing much destruction and seemingly causing the death of Storm. However, Orphan-Maker and Nanny had left behind a dead body that looked like Storm, while de-aging and kidnapping her.

The pair would later confront X-Factor, a super-team made up of the five original X-Men.

During an incident where a mentally ill young mutant had taken hostages inside his school, Orphan-Maker was driven away partly because the mutant Skin managed to interfere with his suit's energy flow. He managed to escape pursuit in a technologically advanced vehicle disguised as an ice cream truck.

Powers and Abilities

Orphan-Maker is a mutant, but has yet to exhibit powers aside from those of his hi-tech battle suit. Also, he presumably has had his age frozen, so that he remains intellectually and perhaps physically a child.

Battle Suit


Orphan-Maker is highly resistant to most forms of attack, and has certain reflective properties that allow him to deflect energy attacks such as Cyclops' optic blasts. The suit also enhances his strength, and may suppress his mutant powers. Orphan-Maker is equipped with large guns that fire destructive energies. When he was outfitted with his new armor, the suit had the capability of forming guns out of its hands.

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