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    Orlok was born in East-Meg One, the Russian counterpart to Mega-City One, his parents gave him to the state at age four where he was trained to fight and conditioned to be a loyal instrument of his country.

    Every year of his childhood he and the other children would be locked in Gulags, each Gulag had 100 children, but only enough food for 50, this way only the strongest, and most promising children would survive and grow to adulthood, proving themselves worthy to serve their country.

    When Orlok is first introduced he is already an experienced, highly competent, and well respected soldier in East-Meg One. He is personally put in charge of the first stage of the Apocalypse War (East Meg One's plan to take control of Mega-City One), spreading the Block Mania contaminant.


    Orlok was created by writers John Wagner and Alan Grant, and artist Steve Dillon, the character first appeared in 1981, in 2000AD issue #236.

    Major Story Arcs

    Block Mania and the Apocalypse War

    Orlok is first seen during the lead up to the Apocalypse War, the Soviet's planned attack on Mega-City One. He is in charge of creating chaos and confusion in the city to make it ripe for the taking.

    Orlok does this by contaminating Mega-City One's water supply with a difficult to discover drug that causes symptoms of heightened aggression and pack mentality.

    Successful in his mission, Mega-City One descends into chaos, with citizens and Judges alike attacking each other en masse, and severely weakening the city's ability to function, thousands die.

    Whilst successful in his mission, Orlok is captured by Dredd and imprisoned. He is unable to see the war through to its conclusion, East-Meg One's obliteration at the hands of Judge Dredd.

    Hour of the Wolf

    After 6 years had passed, a group of East-Meg One moles stationed in Mega-City One, including a powerful telepath, managed to break Orlok out of prison by faking his death and jamming Judge Anderson's own telepathic abilities to cover their deceitful plot.

    Whilst all of his rescuers end up dead, or imprisoned, Orlok manages to escape. He leaves Mega-City One to regroup with other East-Meg survivors, to plan his revenge for the destruction of his people.

    Satan's Island and execution

    Rumours of a planned attack on the pleasure Island known as "Sin City" made their way to the Hall of Justice, taking them seriously Chief Judge Hershey sent Dredd to the island to investigate.

    Dredd found that the threat really was deathly severe. A faction of East-Meg Survivors had planned to release a deadly virus on the island, one with a moderate gestation period and an extremely low survival rate, allowing tourists to pick up the virus, but not realise they had it until they'd returned home to Mega-City One. Dredd discovered this plot, and found that Orlok was heavily involved.

    Dredd tracked Orlok down and there was a fight between the two, but Orlok released the virus himself, deciding to die along with everyone else on the island if it meant he could get his revenge.

    Dredd managed to completely stop all movement from Sin City to Mega-City One in time, but Sin City's losses were extreme, between 800,000 and 900,000 died, 89% of the population. Judge Dredd was amongst the 11% with a natural resilience, so, ironically was Orlok.

    Orlok stood trial for his crimes on Mega-City One and Sin City residents, and was executed.


    "Never forget, never forgive"


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