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    Victor Uvarov, known as Orion, is the Leader of Leviathan. His followers have awakened him from a 14-year frozen hibernation. His main goal is to destroy Nick Fury and Baron Von Strucker.

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    Brief History

    Orion is a founder of the organization, Leviathan . He was placed in suspended animation by his organization for 14 years (for an unknown reason, he was among many other chambers...possibly containing many more Leviathan members). Upon his awakening his plans began to form revealing his thirst for vengeance:

    "Taunt the Baron, tempt the Fury...Let the settling of old scores begin".

    He is first mentioned in Secret Warriors #13, before his first appearance in the issue following that.

    The targets of his vengeance are none other than Nick Fury and Baron Von Strucker and their organizations.

    Uvarov made contact with Contessa Valentina Allegro de la Fontaine after her parents - seemingly double agents for both Russia and the USA - were killed by a bomb in Rome. This meeting was before Contessa met Dum Dum Dugan who recruited her for S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Judging from his physical appearance back then Viktor Uvarov had undergone a process that had enhanced his body – now he looks younger and stronger.


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