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Physical Description

Orini is humanoid in appearance, and when he was younger he had short inky-black hair. When Clea is fully-grown he is drawn as being either bald and clean-shaven or as having white hair of varying length and a white beard

Brief History

Many years ago when Orini was a young man he met and was seduced by Umar .

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Six cycles later she gave birth to their daughter Clea (rendering Umar unable to revert to her Faltinian form and thus making her a exile) and since she refused to acknowledge her she gave Orini the child to be raised, and Orini in turn never told Clea who her mother was. Orini rose in rank and was regarded as Dormammu`s best disciple so Clea was treated as a princess. Orini was the one to alert Dormammu when Dr.Strange entered the Dark Dimension the first time. After Clea met Dr.Strange and left with him, Orini's status was diminished. Nevertheless, Orini served Dormammu faithfully even to the point of almost killing his daughter. His views changed when Umar had lost power as the ruler of the Dark Dimension (they were placed in Mystic capsules by Clea ), Dormammu only rescued Umar and casted Orini into another Dimension. He teamed up with Clea and Dr. Strange when Dormammu became power hungry. After the confict he begged Dormammu for forgiveness but Dormammu instead killed him.


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